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Chicago Med Season 6: This is an American medical drama and is coming up with its sixth season very soon. The television series is produced by Michael Brandt, Peter Jankowski, Andrew Schneider and René Baker. It will mark the third installment of the Chicago franchise. Here’s what you need to know about the sixth season of Chicago Med.

Chicago Made Season 6 Episode 1 Release Date

In February, NBC officially announced a three-year pickup for the most acclaimed franchise, including ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Chicago P. D.’ and ‘Chicago Made’.

Season six will be on air November 11, 2020 8 pm ET on NBC. The sixth season will include five episodes, which will be available on the streaming platform Peacock. Earlier seasons are available on Amazon Prime and IMDB TV.

Chicago Made Season 5 Recap

At the climax of season five A Needle in the Heart, we see Ethan bringing his military battlefield and police not telling him safe when he entered a supermarket in a robbery. He is trapped at gunpoint and realizes that if he is alive, he will try to patch up with April again. When she learns about Ethan’s hostage, she arrives at the scene and the two meet again. There is also a back story for Crockett at the end, when detectives arrive to interrogate him in connection with a murder that matches his DNA. It seems that Crockett was guilty that Natalie saved him. She learns that her child dies in leukemia, but before that, he donates his DNA to the crime shot, but the recipient is the actual killer, not Crochet.

This creates a special bond between them, which he hopes to see in the sixth season of Chicago Med.

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