Chief Minister (Bhamashah) Employment Generation Scheme Rajasthan 2021 | CM Rojgar Srijan Yojana Rajasthan in hindi

Chief Minister (Bhamashah) Employment Generation Loan Subsidy Scheme Rajasthan Application, Eligibility, Term, Interest Rate Information (CM Rozgar Srijan Yojana Rajasthan in hindi 2021) (Bhamashah) Form, Eligibility, Loan, Subsidy Rate

Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme is a loan scheme List of Rajasthan plans What are the conditions of eligibility for this scheme and how to apply for it? Read all the information in detail.

In order to increase employment opportunities in the state, the former state government had announced the introduction of a new loan scheme named Bhamashah Rozgar Rozgar Yojana, but due to the recent government cloud, this scheme was renamed as Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme Through this scheme, people who want to start their new work will be given loans so that new avenues of employment are opened and development of the state.

Apart from this, the government Rajasthan Employment Fair Have also organized through which youth can apply for TMT.

Name Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme Rajasthan
Old name Bhamashah Employment Generation Scheme
Who launched and when Vasundhara Raje 2015
Who kept it going Mohan Lal Sukhadia 2019
Main beneficiary Unemployed (Divyang, ST / SC, Female)
Loan amount 10 lakhs and 25 lakhs
Subsidy rate 8 percent

To give benefits within this scheme, 100 people each from the Panchayat Samiti will be selected, to whom the government will give loans at low interest to start a new business, which will increase self-employment and improve the economic standard in the state.

What are the benefits available on loan under the Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme? The [CM Rozgar Srijan Yojana Benefits]

  1. Loan : Under the Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme, there is a provision of loan up to 10 lakh for trading and service related business and up to 25 lakh loan will be provided for business setting up a manufacturing sector unit. This amount has been increased by the present government.
  2. Subsidy Rate: The government will give 8% subsidy on the interest of the loan that will be given for this scheme, that means, when the customer pays the interest charged by the bank, 8% of that will be deposited in his account by the government.
  3. Period : You will be given information about how many days to return this loan by your chosen bank or financial company.
  4. DBT: The amount of subsidy given by the government will be directly deposited in the bank account, thus the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) facility has also been given by the government in this scheme, which will reduce the scope of any kind of fraud.

Qualification / eligibility rules under Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme [Eligibility Criteria Rules]

  • The benefit of this scheme will be given at the regional level. Therefore, only residents of Rajasthan can apply for this scheme.
  • This scheme is mainly for the unemployed, so those who want to take advantage of this scheme should not have any kind of job.
  • Within this scheme, there are rules in this scheme regarding the age of the person taking the loan, according to which only 18 to 50 years old person can register for the loan.
  • This scheme can be availed by a person from the same family whose annual income is equal to or less than 6 lakhs. Family with higher income will not get the benefit of this scheme.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, handicapped and educated women have been kept as the main beneficiaries for this scheme, they will be recognized first in this scheme.

How to fill the application form for Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme The[Registration Form]

Under this scheme, forms can be filled both online and offline. Whichever is easier for the customer, one can fill the form in that mode.

  • Offline process: Any person who wants to fill the form of this scheme can go to the Panchayat office and fill the form with which he will have to submit all the main documents. After this process all documents will be forwarded for verification.
  • Online process: Online form can also be filled for this scheme. Applicant online portal will go on. Where two options for registration and login will be found. If you are new then click on registration and fill the form and if you are old user, then enter the login ID and password, fill the form and complete the further process.

What are the main documents in the Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme? The [Documents List]

All the necessary documents will have to be submitted to verify the eligibility rules within the scheme, mainly resident certificate, birth certificate, income certificate, caste certificate and disabled certificate.

This scheme was launched by Vasundhara Raje in 2015 itself. This scheme was liked a lot, so the current government has continued to make some changes to it as well as the present government in the manifesto Rajasthan Unemployment Allowance Scheme “Akshat Yojana” The Congress Government has also kept Rajasthan loan waiver scheme Has also been implemented.

Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme is a self-employment loan scheme which will increase employment opportunities in the state and will provide employment to the unemployed. For other information related to this, subscribe to our site. As well as others running in the country Subsidy schemes Read about

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