‘China can now see James Harden’: Houston Rockets game aired in China for the first time after the controversial Daryl More’s tweet in October 2019. sport

More than a year later, Tencent broadcast the game of the Hong Kong Rocket as Darl More tweeted about Hong Kong.

Chinese basketball fans were eventually allowed to watch a rocket game that seemed like an eternity. Tencent aired Rocket’s recent matchup against the Lakers. This marks the first time that a rocket game has been broadcast in China since October 2019.

The reason for the 15-month halt was a tweet posted by Daryl More, who was then the Rockets’ general manager. He tweeted a picture that had the symbol ‘Stand with Hong Kong’.

Chinese basketball fans noticed this and targeted his account and called for his firing. After removing the tweet, Tencent had announced that it would not broadcast any of the Houston Rockets’ games.

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Daryl More left the Rockets’ organization after the 2019-20 season and presented the right opportunity for Tencent. It should also come as no surprise that Tencent has not aired a 76th game since Daryal More joined them.

How the Houston Rockets went from China’s most popular team to ban in 2019

The Houston Rocket gained popularity in the Chinese market in 2002 after Yao Ming was drafted. Yao was the first major big man to come out of Asia. His impressive performance in the NBA was a matter of pride for Chinese citizens around the world.

Chinese fans quickly broke ties with the rocket after Moké expressed support for Hong Kong protesters on Twitter. First, the protests in Hong Kong began after his government proposed a bill that would have allowed China to face trial for extradition of Hong Kong residents.

As a result, it would allow China to exert control over the citizens of Hong Kong. China has attempted to influence many such legislations in the last decade.

How Free Hong Kong affected the NBA in China

In Hong Kong, protesters were taken to the streets for weeks and met with police brutality. Daryl More published a tweet expressing solidarity with the protesters. This was seen as an attempt to tarnish China’s image globally. However, the damage was already done by taking the tweet down. The league had attempted to smooth things over with a statement, however, that had little effect on the outcome.

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Eventually, after the dust settled Adam Silver announced that he would not punish Daryl More for exercising his right to free speech. The Chinese government did not appreciate it and has since expressed its displeasure at not airing the rocket game. Hopefully, they will return to their decision not to broadcast the 76ers game in the near future.

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