Chinese food based movies that viewers cannot miss!

A good film always relaxes the mind after a tiring day. There are many food-based films that are hard to miss and sometimes too intoxicating. The films evoke memories of a lot of food. Whether one is fond of Chinese cuisine and is fond of food, one can celebrate the culinary arts with these wonderful films.

Here is the list of Chinese food based films –

Drink man woman Comedy-drama film released in 1994. Ang Lee directed the film. The film stars Wang Yu-wen, Yang Cui-mei, Sihung Lung and Jacqueline Wu Chien-lien. The film is both a box office and critical success. Master Chef Chons semi-retired. He lives with his three unmarried daughters. Every Sunday the family prepares an elaborate dinner.

Chinese Treat – Hong Kong film released in 1995. Tussi Hark is the director, producer and co-writer of the film. The film stars Anita Yuen, Law Kar-Ying, Leslie Cheung and Kenny Bee. A gangster kit is shown that begins a new life in Canada as a chef. She struggles a lot to cook. During his struggling days, he learned about a master chef who could be his guide.

God of Cookery Hong Kong comedy film which was released in 1996. Stephen Chow is the producer, director and writer of the film. She even acted in the film. The film stars Stephen Chow, Vincent Kok, Lee Siu-kei, Tats Lau, Nancy Sitt, Law Kar-ying, Karen Mok, Ng Man-tat, Christy Chung and Lee Kin-yan. An arrogant chef is helped by the Meek Street vendor to get the best of the mean-spirited rival.

Rice juice – 2004 film. Kenneth B directed the film. One of the executive producers is Jackie Chan. The film stars Sylvia Chang and Martin Yan. The film is set in Chinatown, Singapore. A restrotter takes a handsome French student to encourage his son’s odd tendencies.

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