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This is going to be a man show in Chiranjeevi’s upcoming Lucifer Telugu remake. Inside it is discussed that director Mohan Raja, who is making the remake, has made some significant changes and edited Prithviraj’s role in the original. With this, the remake will be Chiru’s one-man show.

The political drama is the highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time as it grossed over 150 crores including its dubbed versions in Tamil and Telugu. Chiru wants to make the Telugu remake bigger and hopes to earn even more. He chose director Mohan Raja who is known as a “remake expert”.

Mohan Raja made his directorial debut in Telugu with Hanuman Junction, a remake of the Malayalam film (Thekasipatnam). He next debuted in Tamil with the remake of Teja and Nitin’s film Jayam.

Mohan Raja remakes Nuvvostantante Nenoddanta, Bommarillu, Kick in Tamil. He worked for remakes of Malayalam and Telugu films.

However, Mohan Raja’s first original script was Thani Oruvan (remake as Dhruv in Telugu). The Telugu remake featured Ram Charan and Arvind Swamy. In this way the king attracted Chiru’s attention.

Chiru, who is currently busy with Acharya, will be working on an important schedule with Ram Charan. After this, Chiru will take a break and will be involved in shooting for the Lucifer remake. Later, Chiru would move on to the Vedalam remake which would be directed by Meher Ramesh.

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