Chitram 1.1 Teja’s reunion, RP Patnaik – TheMiracleTech

Teja made his directorial debut in the super hit film Chitram featuring Udaya Kumar as the hero. RP Patnaik gave the soundtracks for the film and the songs were chartbusters. The pair of Teja and RP Patneel made several super hit films in blockbusters. But, for some reasons, RP Patnaik was not a part of Teja’s previous films.

Teja is going to make the sequel to Chitram 1.1 titled Chitram and the title poster has been released on the occasion of the director’s birthday. The film features a reunion of old friends Teja and RP Patnaik. Apart from directing, Teja will also produce the film under Chitram Movies in association with S Studios.

Sameer Reddy will crank the camera for the regular shooting of the film, which will start in March.

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