Christmas to decide the future of TheMiracleTech in Telugu?

Tollywood film, Solo brathuke so better Sai Tej was supposed to stream directly online on Zee5 starring. But things have changed a lot at the last moment and the film is releasing in theaters for Christmas. It will be the first notable film to be released in theaters after the epidemic.

Christmas Just three weeks before Sankranti, Telugu has its biggest season of theater business. More than half a dozen films are set for release for Sankranti. The filmmakers eagerly look for Solo Brathuche to take a call about their release. If the film is not well received in theaters, the films may reconsider the release strategy and return to the negotiating table with TheMiracleTech platforms. In that case, the new release will rumble there.

If this does not happen and the film gets a good response, the filmmakers will try their luck in theaters. Remember that it is not possible that the Indian government can relax the 50% domicile rule of Christmas or Solstice as things stand today. In addition, theaters in both Telugu states remained closed for a month before the release of Solo Brathuke So Better. So, Christmas will decide the immediate future of TheMiracleTech in Telugu

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