CIIE or Black Friday Online

As the third edition of CIIE opens in Shanghai, 940 million Chinese Internet users can enjoy Super Black Friday online from tomorrow to Friday.

Great tools are being deployed to satisfy the public’s enthusiasm: The most popular television presenters, the most followed make-up influencers and online vendors of major e-commerce platforms will dedicate one hour to each hour. One of these European countries Italy, Russia, France, Spain and Germany: Time to promote through your social network account or on APP goods. The timing could not be better: China has big sales every November. This year, it again coincides with CIIE’s hold. The Chinese are willing to spend…

China’s most influential media, the China Media Group, has taken the initiative to conduct large online communication operations to sell all kinds of products to help the economic recovery from the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The former French Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Rufferin, sent a video message in which he described Sino-French cooperation as “mutually beneficial” and praised these online sales initiatives.

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