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Citrus Yuri is a manga series of Japanese origin. Sabruta is the author and illustrator of the series. The series for the manga series began in Ikijinsha’s comic Yuri Heim in November 2012 and continued until August 2018. This serial is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. Later, the Yuri manga series received a 12 episode anime adaptation through Studio Passion. Season 1 premiered in January 2018. Citrus Plus, which is a sequel to the manga series, in December 2018.

Citrus Season 2: Release Date

The manga series, Citrus, began numbering in 2012. Later, the anime adaptation premiered in January 2018. Although Season 2 has not yet been announced, there is plenty of scope for a follow-up season. Season 1 adapted only four versions of the manga series. Season 2 can start at size 5. But unfortunately, even after two years we have no news for renewal of the season. Studio Pacioni has not yet provided any news for another season. Despite being extremely popular among fans and audiences of a certain age, the anime series received low ratings. Due to the clear visuals we cannot get low grade and so favorable reviews on IMDB and Myanimelist. A follow-up season is unlikely, as low ratings may discourage studios.

In addition, Studio Pasione is famous for making only one season of anime adaptations. Therefore, it would not be surprising if we only get season 1 for citrus. But fans should not lose hope, as the studio can renew the series for another installment. The series may also be selected for a second part by some other production houses. There is a possibility, only if there is a demand for die-hard radicals.

Citrus Season 2: Cast

  • Ayana Taketsu Voices Yuzu Ehara
  • Minami Tsuda expressed ahira
  • Yukio Fuji voices Harumi Taniguchi
  • Shiori Izawa expressed Maturi Mizusawa
  • Yorika Kubo Voices Himmoko Momochino
  • Ikumi Hayama expressed to Kayo Maruta
  • Hisako Kanemoto expresses the whole story
  • Ri Matsuzaki gives voice to Nina Tachibana
  • Tomoki Mano voiced
  • Kana Ueda Awaaz Ume Ahara
  • Kinry Kin Arimoto voices Me’s grandfather
  • Rico suzuki minco sounds fuji
  • Shoae Nogami expresses Ammiya
  • Haruka Yamazaki Voices Kana
  • Yuka Otsubo expresses Manami

Citrus Season 2: Plot

Season 1 citrus followed the manga series from 1 to 4. If season 2 catches our screens in the future, its volume is likely to start at 4. A lot of the manga series have been left for anime adaptation to cover. Four season 2, fans expect each episode; A chapter will be included. According to sources, if a screen appears soon in Season 2, it will cover Harumi’s Arc, Yuzu’s Arc and even Suzuran.

Citrus Season 2: Storyline

The story follows Yehuzuhara’s life. She is a comfortable, fun and fashionable city girl. Yuzu transfers to a new neighborhood, as well as to a new high school. She is more interested in boys and shopping than studying. She finds it challenging to fit in among the conservative girls of her school.

In addition, Yuzu, she also faced the student council with Mei Ahara in particular. Mei turns out to be his new half-brother. Things turn for the worse, as Yuzu Mei begins to develop romantic feelings for Ahra.

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