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CK vs NK Super-Smash Fantasy Prediction: Canterbury Kings vs Northern Knights – 15 January 2021 (Christchurch). The Kings would like to continue their good bowling form against the weak batting of the Knights.

Canterbury Kings Dream Knight will take on Northern Knights in a league match of the Super Smash competition. The Premier T20 competition is finally underway in New Zealand.

The Northern Knights have lost four of their five matches, while the Kings have won three of their four matches. The Kings are bowling really well, while the batting of the Knights is struggling. This game is going to be very important for the knights.

Pitch report – Batting average at this place is 163 runs in T20 domestic games.

Total T20 played: 24; Bats 1scheduled tribe Won: 12; Bats 2N d Won: 12

Note: – The figures mentioned are before Super Smash.

Match Details:

Time: – 7:50 AM IST, live on FANSOD Stadium: – Haggle Oval, Christchurch.

Potential XI for both sides: –

Canterbury kings – Chad Bowes, Ken McClure, Jack Boyle, Darryl Mitchell, Leo Carter, Cole McConney, Cam Fletcher, Todd Astle, Matt Henry, Will Williams, Ed Nuttall.

Northern knight – Tim Seifert, Jeet Rawal, Katenay Clarke, Joe Carter, Anton Devich, Brett Hampton, Michelle Sentner, Scott Kugleijn, Matthew Fisher, Jake Gibson, Joe Walker.

Squad must have 5 players

T Seifert, D Mitchell, E Natalt, M Henry and C Bowes.

CK vs NK team wicket-keeper

Tim Seifert (Price 9) Will be our wicket-keeper. Seifert has scored 206 runs in the tournament, while averaging 41.20. He is a world-class batsman.

CK vs NK Team Batsmen

Chad Bowe (Price 9.5) and Jack Boyle (Price 9) Canterbury Kings will have our batsmen. Boise scored 358 runs at an average of 39.77 last season, while his strike-rate was 169.99. He has scored 120 runs at an average of 40 this season. Boyle scored 231 runs at an average of 25.66 last season. Both batted in the top order.

Jeet Rawal (Price 9) We will have bats from the Northern Knights. Rawal has scored 676 T20 runs before the Super Smash at a strike-rate of 126.82, while he bats in the top order.

CK vs NK Team all-rounders

Daryl Mitchell (Price 10) Canterbury will be our all-rounder from the Kings. Mitchell scored 219 runs at an average of 31.28 last season, while he is a wicket-taker in his bowling. He has scored 84 runs in two matches this season, while bowling has taken three wickets.

Anton Devich (value 9.5) and Scott Kugeligen (value 8.5) We will have all-rounders from the Northern Knights. Devitch has scored 168 runs at an average of 42.00 in the tournament, while Scott has taken six wickets in bowling. Anton also has a century in his name.

CK vs NK Team Bowlers

Zac Gibson (Price 8.5) and Joe Walker (Price 8.5) We will have bowlers from the Northern Knights. Gibson has taken four wickets in the tournament, while Walker has taken five wickets. These two are the main wicket-taking bowlers on this side.

Ed Nutley (Price 8.5) and Matt Henry (Price 8.5) Canterbury Kings will have our bowlers. Natal has taken six wickets in four matches, while Henry has taken six wickets in three matches. These two are wicket takers.

Match Prediction: The Canterbury Kings are the favorites to win the game.

Top names for captaincy role: –

Tim Seifert and Daryl Mitchell

Top names for the vice-captaincy role: –

Both captain picks + Chad Bowe and Matt Henry

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Fantasy Team Disclaimer

All of our selections are based on an in-depth analysis of the players pitching in the match, and a basis for subtle reports, pitch reports and other reasoning. Include a set of factors when crafting your own side with this article as a guide for matches and players.

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