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The animation series premiered its first season on July 12, 2017 with twelve episodes. Under the direction of Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Aoi Akashio was cast as script writer and Ryo Takahashi from Lerche Studio as music composer. It has got the license of the English network Animex available in Asia. After the huge worldwide popularity and large fan base for Season 1, the lovers yearn for the second season. Read on to know more updates of season 2.

“Elite’s Class” Season 2: Release

The amount and content of content available is enough to renew with twelve episodes for some future seasons. Since the first season comprises three volumes of the novel and thirteen more editions are yet to be covered, the further seasons are more likely to be released.

Most importantly, there have been no official announcements about the renovation and no confirmation for the series that the second season has cast in shadow from anime Larshe Studios, producers and everyone related to the network. While it may seem a bit ambiguous to expect a release date due to recent epidemic conditions, it does not indicate that this will not happen. Hope is an idea for season 2, based on facts and content, but technically, it is not sure for season 2 to come. We need to wait patiently for announcements about this. We can only hope to return.

“Elite’s Class” Season 2: Plot

The plot of season 2 will be a fight between groups divided into 12 groups according to their amount. This is not an action fight but a competition using the brain to find the VIPs in each group. Completion continues; Its victory is believed to be by trial. The elite begins to realize the test and begins their tricks to manipulate the result.

“Elite’s Class” Season 2: Story

The story begins as their class, or a school, is for the coming generation to take over the future of Japan and call as an elite. Therefore, it was a Japanese government that established a school called Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School. The schools instruct their teachers (instructors) to make Japan the elite generation. The series centers on a boy Kiyotaka Ayanokoji belonging to the D-Class. He is an introverted and shy child boy, which makes him tough at school. But at the same time his life takes a turn when he befriends his two classmates Suzun Horikita and Kiko Kushida.

“Elite Class” Season 2: Characters

Season 2 characters and voice cast appear from the previous season. Kiyotaka Ayanokji, the main anime character, and its voice cast Shua Chiba. Annie Kittu voiced the role Sujun Horita, Yorika Kubo for Anglo Kikyo Kushida. Reena Satou for the character Sai Chabashira; Reena Hideka for Aris Sakayanagi; Satoshi Hino for Anthony Kohei Katsuragi; Ao Toyama as the voice cast of Honorable Echinose.

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