Color scheme 2021 for India vehicle number plates by MoRTH

Central Government Had issued a new notification for the India Vehicle Number Plates Color Scheme 2020-2021. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) released this update on 16 July 2020 to remove any ambiguity about the number plates of vehicles. In the new scheme, battery-powered vehicles will continue to display alpha digits in yellow with a green background. Vehicles with temporary registration will display alpha digits in red on a red background. In addition, dealers occupied vehicles will display alpha numerals in white with a red background. In this post, we will tell you about the complete color code scheme of number plates of Indian vehicles.

The new notification by MoRTH is meant to remove discrepancies in the chapter on “work of registration mark on vehicles for various states and union territories at a glance”. This is done through the tabulation of the objects so that it clearly cleans the ground behind the color of alpha digits and the registration plate of different class and class of vehicles.

A new notification of the color scheme of vehicle number plates in India has only been issued to enable clarity, and nothing new has been prescribed for the plates. Earlier, the central government. Had set different registration marks on vehicles for different states and union territories. It has now set the background color on alpha numbers and registration plates for different categories of vehicles.

Color scheme of vehicle number plates in India

Indian vehicle number plates come in 8 different color combinations as per the new color scheme 2020-2021 of vehicle number plates of India: –

  • The number plate of a private vehicle has a black letter on a white background.
  • Commercial vehicles, such as taxis, buses and lorries, have black letters on a yellow background.
  • Yellow lettering on a black background is used to denote a rental vehicle.
  • White lettering on a light blue background indicates that the vehicle belongs to a foreign embassy or consulate.
  • The number plates of battery-powered vehicles, i.e. electric vehicles, have alpha digits in yellow with a green background.
  • Vehicles with a temporary registration number must display alpha digits in red with a yellow background.
  • Dealer vehicles will be required to display alpha digits in white with a red background.
  • The 8th form of the number plate is quite special and very special. It is the state symbol of India in gold on a red background. This number plate is for the Indian President or one of the governors of the federal state or union territory.

Apart from the standard registration number, India also offers vanity plates, although the options available are limited. The only bits customers can choose are the last four digits and a series of number plates. Only those numbers that have never been used are on offer. People should check the Bharat vehicle number plates color scheme before getting one for their 2 or 4 wheel vehicles.

Safety of vehicle number plates (HSRP) in India

Since 2005, there is a law in India on newly secured number plates, namely High Security Registration Plates (HSRP). However, implementation is very slow and is still to be completed in some federal states. The number plates of the new vehicles have special safety features that enable them to be fitted and removed with only a special device. If these registration plates are tampered with, then these number plates become useless. In such cases, it would be impossible to fit different plates on the vehicle.

Another safety element for vehicles’ number plates is a registration mark – a hologram sticker affixed to the windscreen. This includes issuing registration number, transport authority number, plate, engine number, body number and a laser pin code. The pin can be read with a special laser camera and with a sticker that is non-transferable and becomes unusable when removed. It aims to improve the safety of vehicles from theft and prevent criminals from using stolen number plates for their activities.

New notification for color scheme of number plate for vehicles

The notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways states, “Earlier, the Ministry has set aside vehicles for different states and union territories under sub-section (6) of section 41 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (59). – Different registration marks were set. Of 1988) SO444 (E), dated June 12, 1989. Later, the ministry amended SO444 (E) on SO 827 (E) dated November 11, 1992, to change color on June 12, 1989. Alpha marks and rear ground registration plates for various categories and categories of vehicles.

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In addition, the Ministry laid down the color scheme for GSR 901 (E) dated 13/12/2001 for transport of vehicles and registration plate for non-transport category. It was noticed by the Ministry that the amendment of the chapter, “Registration of marks on vehicles of various States and Union Territories at a glance included in ‘SO 444 (E)’ dated June 12, 1989, dated June 12, 1989. Some ambiguities were noticed. Therefore, this notification has been issued to enable clarity. “

is confused? Allow us to explain this: Simply put, this notification does not set any new regulation for vehicle number plates and has only been issued to ensure clarity. As stated above, the ministry had earlier set different registration marks for vehicles in different states and union territories. Later, the ministry laid down the color scheme for the alpha marks as well as the background on the registration plates for different categories of vehicles. Apparently there was some confusion and thus a new notification has been issued.

Importance of letter in Indian vehicle number plate color scheme

The first two letters of the Indian registration number are letters denoting the federal state or union territory, of which there are 36 in India. The next two are the indication of the regional transport authority within the state or territory that issues the registration number. After that, the registration is one, two or three letters showing the current series of numbers. The last four digits are unique numbers for the plate.

Indian Vehicle Number Plates Characters

The last feature of the number plate is the IND symbol on the left. Above it is the Ashoka Chakra (symbol depicted on the Indian flag), and below it is the lash pin code of the number plate. Some states and territories (such as National Capital Territory of Delhi) add an additional letter before the series to designate the vehicle type. Each state can use its own code for this purpose. For example, Delhi distinguishes between motorbikes, cars, electric vehicles, public transport vehicles, three-wheel rickshaws, taxis, pick-up trucks, and rental vehicles.

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