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The WWE star’s injury was confirmed by the commentary team at Monday Night RAW. The wrestler was missing from tonight’s episode.

It is not often that one sees Xavier Woods walking alone in the WWE. This is what happened tonight. The former tag team champion made his way into the ring to face the T-Bar of Vengeance. Only this time, no one was by his side.

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Woods has been a part of New Day since 2014. A common scene is to see him with Kofi Kingston, Big E or both. With Big E chasing a single tonight over SmackDown and Kofi’s absence, Woods cut a foreboding figure. But why was Kofi absent? Well a lot was said on the Tonight Show.

WWE star Kofi Kingston confirmed the injury by the commentary team on Raw

During Woods’ match with T-Bar, Tom Phillips revealed that Kofi would be out of action for a while due to a jaw injury suffered during his match at Kingston TLC. His absence indicated that T-Bar won the match.

It is not known when Kofi will return. When he does so, he can also help for Woods, who faced an opponent who surrounded his entire faction around ringside. More importantly, they would like to advance tag team pride after losing once again last month.

The Hurt business are currently in possession of the Raw Tag Team Championship and they would be smart to be wary of the group that has become synonymous with the division in WWE.

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