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Every day we hear many injustices happening to women and in this smartphone era, they have gone to the next level. This is always a burning issue and there seems to be no end to it in the near future.

Here is a film on which women are exploited and lured in the name of love and later cheated. The teaser was unveiled by ‘Commitment’ starring Tejaswi Madiwada, Anveshi Jain, Ramya Pasupuleti and Simar Singh.

A film by Lakshmikant Chenna who had earlier produced Aw Hyderabad Nawab ‘and Lak Parichayam’, the teaser exposes the lives of four women who have frightening experiences with four men. Bold scenes and lip-lock create teasers that further entice the scenes.

But the real deal comes when Tejaswi questions that men always see women as an object and questions how a woman’s life is always a compromise. This is a difficult subject to deal with.

Baldev Singh and Neelima Tea are producers of ‘Commitment’, while Naresh Kumaran has composed the music.

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