Commitmental Web Series Review | Commitment Aha Video Series Review

Binged rating5/ 10

Ground level: Bloated and unengaging romantic drama

Rating: 5/10

Skin n swear: Frequent use of the F-word

Forum: Aha video Style: Comedy, Drama, Romance

who is the story about?

CommitMental The relationship between Phani and Anu is about progress. They have been in a long distance relationship for over a year. However when Fani proposes the latter panic to Anu. He is not able to process the idea of ​​marriage and living together. Does something happen, in the end, is there a comment mantle?

Commitment Telugu Web Series Review


Udbhav Raghunandan and Punarnavi Bhupalam Both are the main leads of the series. They have equal importance, and everything runs on them. Therefore it is imperative that they share great chemistry for overall performance to work.

Well, personally, Uddhav and Punnarvi have acted decently. They fit the respective parts well. The former is a naive and innocent-looking NRI, while the latter is strong and stubborn girl with a confused mindset. However, they both overdose their parts to the extent that parts of it look artificial. This must be due to the director.

Both actors are well styled, resembling typical urbanites and girls. Looks but spot. However, on dramatic scores, they need to improve further.

Commitment Telugu Web Series Review


Pawan Sadineni directed CommitMental. It is the official remake of the popular The Viral Fever web series Permanent Roommate. The story is very simple and straightforward. Therefore, the burden of engaging is on the writing and actors.

Pavan Sadineni has the right and successful formula to spend big time with the urban crowd. But, he misses the opportunity. Despite the perfect collection of moments, an allegory he fails to provide a compelling narrative.

The problem is with the execution itself. It lacks the required energy. The major duets do not share the great chemistry that leads to the beginning, and the awkwardness shows. It is to be captured realistically without boring and overdue things. Holiness Sadineni performs poorly in both cases.

The biggest problem with Commitment is that a scene or two in person stand out and work well. But as a narrative, momentum never builds. They appear like a personal collection of scenes occurring as a whole to engage (the audience) in the world of Phani and Anu and submerge us (the audience).

To give further clarity, there are scenes when we see some characters interacting together. It is never felt. The whole thing looks staged and ‘acting’, meaning we can see everyone acting. When one actor states his lines, another responds as if he is reading them. When done cinematically, there must be a free flow in a consistent tone so that it is not spurious. That is not the case here.

The final parts are decent compared to the beginning, but this is due to the overall character and music and additional details. It is still not effective (due to fecundity), but is better than earlier episodes.

Overall, Commitmental is simple yet difficult to execute, replacing the prevalent urban love stories. Unfortunately, it fails to create the right balance and engage. Give it a try if all you need is some fun moments.

Commitment Telugu Web Series Review

Other artists?

Vishnu Oi and Venkatesh Kakumanu are fine in their parts. They then do it naturally and present some of the best moments in the show. Humility Tipirneni is completely useless. This is the part that is so effective in the original, but it is flat in commitment. It seems to be non-existent. Raj Mudiraj is fine, and the rest do not make an impact due to the weak characters.

Music and other departments?

Anand Sudeep Raj background score is decent. It helps create a mood and adds to the feel in the final episode. Cinematography by Sati M is very loud. It looks completely bloated and garish. Editing by Viplav Nishadam is weak. This is one of the primary drawbacks to the feeling of lack of emotional connection with the characters. The writing is mostly borrowed from the original. Original parts mix well.

Commitment Telugu Web Series Review



Some funny moments



The direction

The editing

No emotional connect (for the most part)

Takes long

Did i enjoy it

Yes, but very few parts.

Would you recommend it?

Yes but with huge reservation

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