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TORONTO, November 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – After more than a decade of growth and development for Condo Control Central, the SaaS company says it’s time to update its look as more Condos and HOAs request their communications, management and security products. We do.

Condo control is near central Changed its name to Condo Control. The change has occurred after more than a decade of construction and improved property management software for condos, co-ops, HOAAS (homeowners association) worldwide.

“We’re very excited to update our brand,” says Brian Boscher, President of condo control. “Our company has come a long way since its inception, and it is time we adjust our image so that it matches more closely with our current values ​​and beliefs.”

Condo Control is also making a minor adjustment to its logo, and updating its tagline to “has simplified asset management”. This new tagline supports the company’s core belief that when property managers and residents are more in sync, everyone wins.

Condo Control anticipates that its client base will continue to grow over the next few years as the need for cloud-based property management solutions increases. Long-standing issues such as communication and record keeping have intensified since COVID-19, which has led boards and property managers to look for tools that allow them to send and update news electronically, hosting virtual meetings To allow and manage facilities such as gyms and pools.

Solutions for better communication and smooth operation

Condo Control has more than 40 features that help board members, property managers, and developers increase productivity and reduce chaos. Some of his most popular features include:

  • Announcements – Send residents newspapers, information and attachments while saving money on print and mailing costs
  • online payment – Residents are not required to deposit and deposit checks when they pay online
  • E-voting – Give owners the option to cast their ballots from the comfort of their homes
  • Work Order – Processing and tracking work orders in a centralized location
  • Violation Tracking – address and resolve violations more quickly and consistently within the community
  • asset Management – Monitor all assets within the community
  • Portfolio Management – A login allows asset managers to manage all their assets from a centralized location
  • And more

A platform for multiple roles

Instead of creating more problems for more people, Condo Control’s software effectively boards boards for meetings and file sharing, event tracking and package delivery for security and concierge, online payments and breach tracking for property managers, And deals with service requests and amenity booking for residents. It is an all-in-one solution that makes life a little easier for everyone.

About condo control

Condo Controls provides condos, co-ops and HOAs to industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions, services, and data analytics. Its main products include asset management software (Condo control) And a security guard tour system ()Patrol points). Condo Control was established in 2008 and serves communities globally.

for more information contact Philip Livingston 1-888-762-6636 x 725 or [email protected]

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