Constantine season 2, have the Shoemakers canceled the sequel?

Yes, after the first season of Constantine, on 8 May 2015, the showmakers canceled the show for another season, ie Constantine season 2, as the ratings were not up to the network mark. One of the actors portraying John Constantine has said that if the show were on another channel, the ratings could have been higher.

In addition, Constant is a detective drama TV series. It was produced by Daniel Cerrone and David S. Goyer. It is built on DC Comics character John Constantine. Matt Ryan plays as John Constantine, a British exorcist and secret detective who becomes a hunter of supernatural creatures. The series debuted on NBC from October 24, 2014 to February 13, 2015 and had 13 episodes.

What happened to Constantine season 2?

Well, as is clear above that the creators canceled it another season, we are unable to reveal the season 2 storyline. Also, NBC Network revealed that they would not let Season 2 come out.

After a small role in Arrow, The Legend of Tomorrow gave Constantine a role to best use his abilities. He received the show in season 3, calling Constantine the most amazing character, but also as an important member of the team.

How did Constantine combine with the legends of tomorrow?

At the beginning of season 4, Constantine became a regular member of the show. This gave the show more episodes to develop which included mythological creatures. The authors combined Constantine’s terror with some legends, such as the summer camp monster in “Wait Hot American Bummer” or “Hell No, Dolly!”

How did the legends of tomorrow help Constantine continue?

Constantine had a chance to fight the enemy Astra again. This was the best way for the Constantine series to continue in legends. ‘And it helped the character move forward and gave him a chance to rectify his mistakes. While Constantine was leaked about Astra’s escape from Hell, the story was never resolved due to the cancellation of the show. As the series was canceled fans thought they would never see it. But Legends Season 5 carried this character forward. He rescued Astra and suffered some tragedies that he had faced over the years. The team also gave John the love and support he never got from his family, and this gave him a reason to struggle for good people.

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