Consumption: One in four Swiss wants to participate in ‘Black Friday’

BERN (awp / ats) – Polling Institute DemoSCOP says that 24% of polling voters don’t want to leave “Black Friday” despite the coronovirus epidemic. It will take place across Switzerland on 27 November.

According to the press release issued on Monday, 62% of those polled said they wanted to avoid shopping malls that day, while 24% did not want to leave promotional offers on “Black Friday” despite the coronavirus epidemic. 12% is unspecified. The survey was conducted for the forum.

Popularity among young people

In the 15–34 age group, 28% expressed a desire to shop in a shopping center. Among 55-74 year olds, only 17% of those polling want to participate in “Black Friday”.

“Black Friday” is a phenomenon imported from the United States. Over the course of a day, some traders practice significant discounts on their products.

ats / vj

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