Containment, Bookseller, Black Friday … Fnac-Darty takes stock and answers disputes

The Fnac-Darty group was sufficient to answer – in writing – questions of Digital Regarding the closing of small businesses, the organization of Black Friday and the many tensions exerted by the decree on essential and non-essential products.

Along with imprisonment, the closure of small businesses deemed non-essential by the state sparked controversy and escalated tensions with large distribution groups accused of unfair competition. Confronted by the rant of specially selected booksellers, elected officials and members of the government called on the French not to shop on the Amazon. “Amazon is insisting, it’s up to us not to give it up”, Minister of Culture, Rochelle Bechel is considered.

Meanwhile, the month of November is essential for traders, especially with the big Black Friday meeting on 27 November. In 2019, this commercial sequence weighed just 1.7 billion euros for e-commerce, According to Fawad. But this year voiced for its ban. Specifically, the National Council of Shopping Centers asked “The immediate ban on Black Friday was planned with media publicity throughout the imprisonment on November 27”. Large groups are suddenly discussing the subject. Contacted by Digital, Fnac-Darty was sufficient to answer – in writing – to our questions, without a designated spokesperson …

How is Fnac-Darty organizing for this reassembly? What changes compared to before? Does this further strengthen the digitization of the group?

Fnac-Darty is fully engaged to ensure compliance with obstruction measures and gestures within its store and continues its activities that allow its customers to equip themselves with the products and equipment they need for their daily lives Is, especially for telecommunications.

Compared to previous imprisonment, the group’s stores remain open, which allows them to continue welcoming their customers in a quiet environment and strict compliance with the application of on-site gestures and barrier measures. In this context, the Click and Collect service finds its full relevance here, and should continue to meet the expectations of the group’s customers on the and web platforms.

What does the e-commerce part of the group weigh in on now?

In the third quarter of 2020, e-commerce represented over 21% of FNAC-Darty’s turnover, up from 18% a year earlier, reflecting the relevance of its omnichannel model. In the context of an unprecedented health crisis, it specifically enabled its digital platforms to continue their strong momentum across all geographies. At the end of September, strong growth in online sales was around 30% in the third quarter, thus testifying to the success of the and web platforms with the group’s customers.

What are the “essential” products currently sold by Fnac-Darty?

Preparing the initial assessment is a bit low, but the group’s customers want to equip themselves with products that make their daily lives easier, especially for Telecom (IT equipment in the first place).

Fnac is excluded to open its shelves dedicated to books after bookstores are closed? How do you respond to allegations of “unfair competition” from small traders?

Fnac-Darty rejects any criticism for the purpose that he has taken advantage of this situation. In contrast, all players in the sale of books were confronted with the observation of the impossibility of opening up, desired and supported by Fnac-Darty, and out of a concern for responsibility, Enrique Martinez, director of the group. It has decided to close all culture divisions of Fnac stores across France from October 30 and for a period of 15 days.

Furthermore, as the leading bookseller in France, Fnac has always been with the world of booksellers and culture in general. La Clécé Fnac’s launch, its new space for cultural expression and sentiment that gives way to digital and original formats, is once again to bear witness!

Do you understand the decree that closes the shelves of “non-essential products”? And what are the implications for the Fnac-Darty group? What departments do you have?

Currently, all the culture divisions of the group are closed for a period of 15 days, as per Enrique Martinez’s decision. This added the closing of large home appliances shelves in the darties, which are nevertheless necessary for the proper functioning of a household (washing machine, refrigerator, etc.). It is too early to assess the impact of these closures, but this is not good news for us and our customers.

Have you planned any support measures for small traders (specifically click and collect, as the Ochan Group can, or inaugurate a market like Cdiscount)?

We offer a six-month free membership to any new independent French merchant or bookseller registered on our market during lockdown.

Do you plan to ease the restrictions in mid-November?

Fnac-Darty is not intended to place bets or comment on possible exemptions or make any current sanctions. Currently, everything is being done to welcome customers to the store under good conditions and the group will be able to deal with new announcements related to time.

Do you think Black Friday is in danger? The National Council of Shopping Council called for its ban against this meeting and calling on small traders, which benefit large platforms…

Black Friday is a business time today, not only for businessmen, small or big, but it is above all a moment of waiting by the French who can take advantage of good promotional opportunities. At Fnac-Darty, for many years now, priority has been given to quality and sustainable products, especially for Black Friday. As it stands, we’re probably going to have a different Black Friday, but one that won’t be canceled in any way. The group will adapt to the situation and prepare accordingly. This version of Black Friday, however, will be the “launching pad” for Christmas.

How are you organizing yourself for this big shopping event in late November? Cdiscount announced that it wants to play it “cool” this year … what will be the strategy for the Fnac-Darty group?

During Black Friday, Fnac-Darty will once again offer premium products to its customers with significant promotions. In addition, the Group intends to offer all products that are sustainable, in accordance with its commitment to the sustainability of products for which it has become a benchmark.

In recent years, Black Friday has been launched a week earlier. Is it the same this year?

This year, the current health status invites the group to adapt regularly to be ready when needed. In this context it would be too early to specify the organizational arrangements for this Black Friday, but Fnac-Darty’s omnichannel dimension will find its place once again.

When policies don’t call for buying on Amazon, is it a boon for Fnac-Darty?

Fnac-Darty is not intended to comment on all statements given by political figures. The group relies on the strength of its omnichannel model and offers its customers the quality of its services to create preference for its brands. With an Internet offer of 30M of available references, a base of loyal members and an e-commerce platform that rivals Amazon with service quality, the group is now ready to face this new complex situation to satisfy its customers Do, who want to consume more French than ever before.

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