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Nandamuri Balakrishna has made sensational comments on the corona virus and the imminent vaccine. Balaiya said that vaccine is not possible. He said that the vaccine for the virus has not come yet and said that it cannot come. He told people to beware of the virus and told everyone to be self-aware. Balaiya said, “Corona is going to stay. We must live with it. There is news about the vaccine. But this may not be possible. People should be careful. He made these remarks during the launch of Sehri’s first look, which is the first production house of nephew of former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy. Balaiya recalled her bond with the former CM and both of them attended Nizam College. He told the young producers to be wary of filmmaking and asked them to spend it wisely for the film.

Balaiya gave a fun speech at the first look launch as usual. First he commented on the production house named Kanya Chitra. He said that he had recommended “Virgin Pictures” to the production house as it was his role in filmmaking. Meanwhile, Balya praised the beauty of young heroine Simran Chaudhary using several adjectives. He said that he wanted to work with her and this made the young girl goog. However, what Balaiya did in all the comments was his comments on the Kovid-19 vaccine.

Since Balaiya Basavatarakam is also the chairman of the Indo-American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (BIACH & RI), his comments on the corona vaccine naturally attracted much attention. Meanwhile, Balya also talked about Karthika Masam and the first Monday of Karthik month.

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