Cost cutting for Balya-Boyapati film? – TheMiracleTech

November 18, 2020

The regular shooting of Nandamuri Balakrishna’s film under the direction of his Simha and Legend director Boyapati Srinu began a few weeks ago. Balya will be seen in dual roles in the film, and one of them will be Aghora, if discussed in film circles.

And here is a latest thing in T-Town. Apparently, the film will be undergoing huge budget cuts. It is needless to say that this cost-reduction is due to the result of COVID-19. Initially, the makers had allocated a decent budget of Rs 40 crore for the project.

However, both Balya and Boyapati Srinu discussed and mutually decided to cut the budget and wrap the entire film in the minimum budget. Apparently, he has also canceled Varanasi’s program which was earlier planned and instead decided to shoot it in Hyderabad.

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