Covid-19, Flower business hit hard: Flowers wither from lockdown, both crop and business collapsed


The coronavirus effect literally cuts the flowers in the bud. Local vendors are suffering the brunt of the ongoing second COVID-19 epidemic in the flower market in Indore. More than 700 flower shops in Indore city have suffered heavy losses during the epidemic.

The epidemic and associated economic misery came at a particularly terrible time for the flower industry. Spring is the busiest season for flower businesses, and shopkeepers rely on income from weddings and social events.

Praveen Sharma of Praveen Flower Decoration, Indore, shared, “We have been in the flower business for 20 years. The second wave of Corona has been particularly difficult. Business is not deteriorating due to marriage and social functions. Fifty-guest rule ”.

Sharma said, “Before the lockdown, our monthly income was in the range of Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 Rs. The situation has completely changed and we no longer have any business. We are incurring heavy losses due to lack of market and flower sales. Like last year, this year too, the season has passed and there is no revenue. Our main income comes from home delivery, but home delivery is currently not possible due to coronavirus. People are very scared, we also have to protect ourselves from attack.

There are about 15,000 shops in Indore, with around 8,000 small traders whose business runs on a daily income. The condition of flower traders is very bad. Our business situation is like digging a well and drinking water every day. This is a raw business, neither the government nor our government bothers anyone. All we want is that we are also given discounts like vegetables, groceries and milk so that we too can nurture our family.

In such a situation there is neither business nor income and the people who are in debt (EMI-driven) are accountable to the lenders. If we do not keep our business closed, at least the monthly EMI can be repaid. If any facility or help is provided by the government, it will be helpful, the government should intervene in the flower business in this difficult time, so that at least we can complete our EMI.

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