Cute Debut: Allu Arha in Anjali Anjali – TheMiracleTech

As promised, Team Allu Arjun has unveiled the cover song of Anjali featuring Anju Anjali. Allu Arha represented Baby Shamli in this beautiful recreation of Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja’s classic 1990 film Anjali. To coincide with Allu Arha’s birthday, Allu Arjun presented this cover feat of Arha.

Ganesh Swamy, who choreographed Allu Vaikunthapremulu’s Allu Arjun’s Oh My God Daddy song, directed Arha in Anjali Anjali. Interestingly, Arau’s brother Allu Ayan is also part of this number. Ayan and Arha are seen committing brother and sister comedies. Grandpa Allu Aravind remembers blinking. Sneha Reddy’s father Arha’s maternal grandfather Casey Shakar Reddy is also featured in the song. DOP Surya cranked the camera.

Finally, Allu Arjun makes a stylish and stunning entry. He is seen raising Arha in the air. Overall, Arha made a beautiful and adorable debut.

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