CW’s black lighting has been canceled! Season 4 will end!

Looks like 2020 still has a lot of frustration left in it. The news comes from the CW where the superhero show ‘Black Lightning’ has been canceled. This means that the upcoming season of Black Lighting, which is the fourth season of the show, will become its final season. With this, Black Lightning joins fellow Arrowverse show – Supergirl, which will have its upcoming sixth season in the previous season.

Black Lightning, which debuted in 2018, was one of Arvivors’ most positively reviewed shows, and that has left fans distracted. The show was followed by Jefferson Pearce, the principal of Charter School, once a superhero named Black Lightning, who had powers to control electricity, but now retired to take care of his family. But an incident forces him to return as Black Lightning and save the situation. After seeing the condition of his city, he decides to become a hero to save his people.

Reportedly, the main reason behind the action, despite favorable ratings and reviews, is that the producers are eyeing a spin-off series called ‘Painkiller’, which will be based on Painkiller’s character, which is one of the episodes in Black Lightning Season 4 One will feature Jordan Calloway as the titanic character on the new show.

Salim Akil, who works as the producer of Black Lighting, will serve as executive producer for Painkiller and will also direct some episodes. Akil himself confirmed this news and said it with a few words.

“When we first started the black lighting journey, I knew that Jefferson Pearce and his family of powerful black women would be a unique addition to the superhero genre. The love for Bloods and all the comic book fans around the world has shown this series in the last three seasons that we imagined Black people want to see themselves in all their complexities ”.

Salim Akil thanked everyone for their support and it would not have been possible without him. He shared his joy that “they were able to showcase the first African-American family of superheroes to life for culture.”

Akil hopes his new journey as a Painkiller will be as exciting as Black Lighting!

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