Dadi Praises Aarav In Interview

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode 3rd May 2021 Today's Update: Dadi Praises Aarav In Interview

As you all know that Colors TV’s most famous family drama show Sasural Simar Ka starring Dipika Kakkar is back with its second season. Well in the latest episode you will watch, Jogi gets slapped by Badi Maa, Jogi gets angry and scream “How dare you to slap me” Badi Maa replies I can do whatever I want. She says that the government had priced this land for one crore, she also says that take the money and leave as soon as he can. Jogi says now you have to pay me 1 Crore and 10 lakhs. She asks why 10 lakhs he says “because you slap me so now you have to pay more for the slap.”

Meanwhile, Aarav signs the cheque of 1 Crore and 20 lakhs, Jogi asks why you added 10 lakh more, Aarav slaps him and asks “did you get the answer”? Then Aarav leaves the place and goes back with Badi Maa. Reema argues with a rickshaw driver as usual for the unfair auto-rickshaw fare in the next scene, but at last, she pays the driver. There Simar says that she will take the Rickshaw and go back home.

Aarav asks Badi Maa “Why did you wait too long to get this property?” Badi Maa replies you get a different level of peace when you win any battle, and this was the battle for me and I’m having that peace. Aarav asks what battle are you talking about? Badi Maa says I won the battle against my past and in this past, you have proven that you are a good leader. There Simar says “now I’m having some big responsibilities”.

Sandhya tells Simar that she knows both of them (Younger and Old Simar) Simar replies God has created their pair they are just about to meet. The younger Simar sees a puppy and on the other side, she sees a car coming towards the puppy and that too in speed. She rushes towards the puppy to save him. The car stops before her and as usual there you will watch the hero’s entry. Aarav gets off of the car and bends down to pick the puppy. Simar looks at him and smiles.

There in Vividh Bharti’s head office, while interview she praises Aarav saying Aarva Oswal is my grandson. She also praises Vivaan to be the same. In an interview, the reports say that “Mam everyone knows that you made the shop’s name too rich and taken to the new heights of fame, as now you are having a big and respected name so whom would you like to give credit”. Badi Maa replies “I want to give all the credits to Devi Maa, her blessings gave us to positivity to reach this level of fame”. The episode ends with this. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates on the show.

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