Daily Calories Burned Calculator

Calorie Calculator to Measure Daily Calories Burned

Use this daily calorie calculator to determine your daily calories burned, or energy expenditure each day.  The daily calories burned calculation is based on a combination of your basal metabolic needs and your activity levels.  Your activity levels should reflect your fitness routine as you follow the Exercise to Reduce Inflammation Principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program.  This level of activity is an important input into the daily calorie calculator as it directly impacts the daily calories burned.

See special instructions below for the daily calories burned calorie calculator if your BMI is over 30.

Determining Your Daily Calories Burned Using the Calorie Calculator

If you are overweight, our calorie calculator will help you with the Reduce Every Day Calories Principle of the Gene Smart Anti Inflammatory Diet & Exercise Program, which recommends a daily calorie target that is 20% to 30% below the number of daily calories burned. The daily calorie calculator will automatically tell you the daily calorie target at for your target level.

For example, if your daily calories burned equals 2,320 calories per day, and your calorie daily target is to decrease calories by 20% (464 calories), the calorie calculator will tell you that your daily calorie goal would be 1,856 calories per day. 

This reduction, together with an increase in activity & exercise to increase your daily calories burned will efficiently help you lose weight and reach your desired weight goal.

Adjusting Your Calorie Calculator Inputs if Your BMI is Over 30

If your BMI is over 30 then you should use an Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) and not your actual body weight in this calorie calculator to determine your daily calorie target and daily calories burned. This is because excess fat tissue is not as metabolically active as muscle and organ tissues in the rest of the body, so it uses significantly less calories which decreases your daily calories burned. Click on the link below and use the calculator to find your ABW.


Once you have found your Adjusted Body Weight, multiply it by 2.2 to convert back into lbs, and enter it into the calorie calculator to find your daily calorie target based on your daily calories burned.

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