Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: Are They For You?

With the increasing use of contact lenses due to their comfort level, various brands are manufacturing several categories of contact lenses based on wearable duration and prescription. You can get rid of wearing glasses throughout the day by using contact lenses. You can enjoy the freedom to be active in comfort, soak in the sun on the beach with your favorite sunglasses, and play your favorite sport without worrying about dropping your glasses.

Depending on your lifestyle, usage and prescription, you should choose between monthly or using one Daily disposable contact lenses. Find below a quick comparison to help you make a better choice.

  1. Investigate your lifestyle

If you are an outgoing type of person and are more exposed to sweat, dirt, and pollutants, then you should choose such dailyities at the end of the month, so that you can turn them off daily and prevent dirt from accumulating on the lens. Give

  • How often will you use them

If your contacts are not used often, and you wear them occasionally, then daily use lenses would be a better option. You do not have to worry about cleaning and storing them daily. You can just drag them and discard them.

  • Risk of infection

Whenever someone exhales tears while making contact, proteins and lipids accumulate on the lens, which do not wash away even after cleaning. So it is better to use disposable contact lenses daily so that you can throw them away after wearing them all day. Whereas, monthly use lenses accumulate impurities on them and subsequently damage your eyes.

  • Cost comparison

If you compare monthly usage with daily disposable contact lenses, you will find that monthly usage lenses are more appropriate if you use daily lenses. But if you switch between lenses and glasses, there is no better option than daily use lenses.

  • Eye sensitivity

If you have sensitive eyes, a daily disposable contact lens is a better option, and you can also consult your doctor for this. Lenses used monthly can put your eyes in contact with an infection and cause serious damage to your eyes.

After going through the comparison between month and daily, let’s quickly walk through some unbeatable benefits of daily disposable contact lenses.

  1. comfort level

Daily disposable contact lenses prevent lenses from drying out as they provide a higher hydration level as they are made of flexible and thin materials. They are easy to handle and deliver the next level of comfort to your eyes.

  • Facility

Convenience is most important when wearing lenses; Otherwise, they can cause an obstructed vision, thus, damaging your eyes. Daily disposable contact lenses are fuse-free because you can just throw them away when you call it a day and don’t care about their storage or cleaning.

  • health and hygiene

To maintain your eye health and to keep them away from the proteins secreted by your eyes and impurities, you should use disposable contact lenses daily to stay away from infection.

  • Best for new users

Daily disposable contact lenses are the best option for new users as they tear them down or damage them. Women may initially tear them with their long nails, while later they may have no problem. Therefore, it will cost you less to reduce daily expenses.

After the above comparison and the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses, you should make a careful decision. Retailers like Titan iPlus provide you with contact lenses from all good brands to give extra protection and care to your eyes. Choose the type of lens that suits your eyes the most.

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