Damian Lillard Responds To Trade Rumor

Damian Lillard has been mentioned in a potential trade rumor of Blazers. He has been the best point guard in the entire league for a while now and as the years have gone by, he has made it very clear that he has no interest in being a part of the team which has been crafted out of thin air which has led him to the decision that he is going to craft a league and create a legacy in Portland which is where he has been drafted earlier and he is being still mentioned in the trade rumors which has exactly what has happened in the post-game earlier this week.

It has also been reported that Chris Haynes has written a piece in which he has been claiming that Lillard getting traded is a possibility if things don’t work out and coming from Haynes is credible enough as Lillard and he is pretty close friends and the speculation can be true but it has been noted by Lillard that he had nothing to do with that piece.

Lillard has stated that it got took for what it was and it is his way of saying it and he also stated that he is a writer so it’s his way of saying it and that is all to it, that is the only thing that bothered him, not anything else, he also stated that they are pretty close and he wrote what he felt like and it’s all fine.

Also if you are a big star in the NBA league then people do speculate about where you are going to go so this rumor shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but the truth of the matter is that Lillard is not going to go anywhere anytime soon and is going to be an integral part of the team.

The NBA league is the most popular league in the Basketball world and being a star player in such a league where the competition is too high and error of margin is none to less, speculation of a star player from the team can harm a team in a big way and that is why the speculations get so much attention from the people as individual contribution in NBA is pretty important and Lillard is one of the best players in the league so if the speculations would have been true then it would have been a big blow for the team but after all, it was just speculation and he is going to stay where he is so the fans can relax and enjoy his gameplay.

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