“Damien is going to take Lillard and make tough shots”: Russell Westbrook sings Portland superstar praises amid rumors of ‘beef’ between the two. sport

Russell Westbrook reviews Damien Lillard for his shot-making ability after his latest faceoff, which Brody won.

The rivalry in the NBA was as entertaining as ever. Nothing was ever seen to spice up the game and to gain more for a random game in the regular season.

All manner of player rivalry Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain go to each other, at the present time people like Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo are not able to stand each other.

One rivalry that has been going on for a long time is the on-court beef between Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillard. It should be specified that the ‘beef’ was in court. Dame has reiterated many times that it is only a duality of abilities when the NBA is on the hardwood.

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Away from the court, the two stars have nothing but respect and admiration for each other.

Russell Westbrook praises Damian Lillard who is able to land hard shots with ease

Dame portland Tribalagers Faced off against russ and wizards Two nights Looked back as the Blazers go for their 7Th Straight win. Wizard, however, did not let that happen as he led the Dame and his squad to victory, extending their winning streak to 4 straight.

After the game, Westbrook remained respectful to the Dame. He said, “He is going to take tough shots. He is going to take tough people and make tough people. This is what great players do. “

Russell Westbrook saw what kind of tough shots Damian Lillard is capable of. Eventually, the Weber State Guard sent OKC home packing of the juice after a sidestep was taken out 40 foot In game 5.

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This series between the Blazers and the Thunder was the one that really highlighted the rivalry between Ras and Dame. It was full from behind andThorn in between them. Everything from ‘Bombing the Baby’ Rocking the Baby ‘Dame’s’ Bomb’ on Dame in Game 3 of Dame.

There have not been too many moments in recent memory like all of them but the two always go out when facing each other. Westbrook had the best game of their season with the Wizards when they faced the Blazers. Leading Washington to victory, they registered a score of 27 points on 65% from the field.

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