“Damn it, LeBron James!”: Kendrick Perkins congratulates the Lakers star for the amazing defensive stat that proves he’s the best defender this season. sport

Kendrick Perkins takes to social media to praise Lebanon James as a state show at a state show this season, suggesting he is one of the best.

The Los Angeles Lakers committed themselves to being a top-tier defense year in 2019 and in 2018. This was when he traded for two-way superstar Anthony Davis and appointed Frank Vogel as his new head coach.

Anthony Davis is the DPOY candidate for the shoo-in yearly, while Frank Vogel is known for defensive schemes that revolve around longtime defenders and limited switches.

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This defensive effort by his teammates seems to have ruined LeBron James. He has been on defense since the start of this 2020-21 NBA season and has come up with a surprising look that proves this to an extent.

LeBron James is statistically the best ball defender this season

Kendrick Perkins has already established the fact that he believes Lebron James is a ‘goat’. In an effort to praise ‘The King’, Perkins draws a crazy defensive statue for this season.

The statistic claims that LeBron James is technically allowing at least a percentage of shots from going to the basket. Opponents have shot an average of 34% when defended by LeBron James. Leads the league at the moment, with Andre Drummond later in second place.

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LeBron James has always been praised for being a solid defender. In his Miami days, Lebron was considered perhaps the best defensive player the league had to offer.

James recently made it public that he wants the Lakers to prioritize defense this season. “Our goal is to become the No. 1 defense in the league,” he said.

With Anthony Davis anchoring the Lakers’ defense and James hitting shots at a high rate, the Lakers are likely to do well at LeBron’s will.

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