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Ravi Teja and Shruti Haasan’s starrer Crack, which opened Bada on Sunday (including the Saturday Late Night Show), has continued its storm at the box office. The film acquired 3.15 crore rupees in Telugu states on its Day 2 i.e. Monday, which is a weekday. Whereas on Monday, the estimated gross was Rs 5.10 crore. With this, the total earnings in the first two days in Telugu states is Rs 15.6 crores. This shows the power of Ravi Teja to do a commercial film and donate the khaki uniform.

Solid mass entertainment directed by Gopichand Malini grossed Rs 10.50 crore on the first day in Telugu states. The distributor’s stake in the opening day was Rs 6.25 crore.

Crack 2 Days Collection (in stock)

Nizam: 3.31 Crore

Cedar: 1.61 Crore

North Andhra: 1.20 Crore

East Godavari: 0.85 Crore

West Godavari: 0.46 Crore

Guntur: 0.89 Crore

Krishna: 0.65 crores

Nellore: 0.43 Crore

Total shares (AP & TS) in 2 days: 9.4 crore shares (15.6 crore gross)

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