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Over a decade old, anime series, death Note Doesn’t seem to be for Miracle season yet. The first and only season (so far) of Death Note was directed by Tetsuro Arki. Based on a manga series of the same name, the anime is created and portrayed by Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata respectively. Madhouse developed the anime and went into production. On behalf of all Death Note fans, I would say that the Movies There were good ones made by Netflix, but they can’t match the level of the anime. Those 37 episodes left a distinct impression on the audience, which is irreplaceable.

Death Note Season 2: Release Date

As I said above, the anime is unlikely to be the second season of the series. (I know, I’m nervous about it too.) Even though Death Note fans are still hopeful about the sequel, the production company, Madhouse, maintains its silence. Why do we think we are Severus Snape and Madhouse Albus Dumbledore? He (Madhouse) asks us if we still want Death Note Season 2? And we reply, “Always”. Potter’s head, make me happy for this. Let’s get back to the point. 13 years after the first season, there is still no indication about the second season (tearful face). However, Death Note Season 1 was completed on its own and did not need a sequel, but fans might not be able to help themselves to expect it. I am sorry and disappointed at the same time as we (Death Note fans) are waiting for the official announcement.

Death Note Season 2: Characters

Okay, if we look at this from an optimistic point of view and think that season 2 is on its way, there will be the following characters. The first season ended with the death of Light Yagami, so his appearance in the Miracle season is out of the question. As other supporting characters, we hope to see Detective El Loliet, Misa Amana, Nat River and Teru Mikami. And yes, how can we forget Ryuk. But all these are just our daydreams; Pagalakhana is making us mad (literally). If you guys come up with any idea how to force them to make Death Note season 2, then tell me about it too because I’m in (do I feel criminal? If so, trust me , I’m not like that.)

Death Note Season 2: Plot

Have you seen the first season? If yes, then you must know what a “death note” is. For those who do not know, Death Note is a book and a powerful one. Last season, Light used it to create a crime-free world. In the Miracle season, we can assume that Ryuk will get another human to own the book. Well, the manga series still has a few chapters left to be featured in the anime. We can expect that in Death Note Season 2 they will be included with the final chapter.

Death Note Season 2: Story

I hate spoiling the fun for first timers. So I will give a simple description of the story of the first season. Death Note had a suspense, supernatural and physical thriller. It is about how a high school boy finds a book that can kill a person whose name is written on it until the owner knows the victim’s face. Our hero uses it for goodwill and begins a journey in which he targets criminals in Japan and then all over the world. He becomes the mysterious Kiara, who falls in love with the public and is afraid of criminals. The plot is full of twists and turns, and has action unfathomable. I can promise that you guys will like it if you haven’t seen it yet. Try it out.

I bet that even if you are not an anime lover or otaku, but you have also heard the name of this great anime. I am not making things up because this is my personal experience. A friend of mine suggested me to watch it a year ago, and I have no regrets for taking this suggestion. It was worth it. If you’ve seen it, let me know how you feel about it and if you haven’t, just give it a try. And I got another article like this for you Castlevania 3. Read it and then tell me in the comments whether I was able to convince you or not.

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