Delhi government issued advisory amidst threat of bird flu, advising people to eat well cooked chicken and eggs

In the wake of bird flu cases within the metropolis, Delhi’s well-organized department has issued an advisory on Wednesday, in which interesting people do not panic and use the same indications not to consume half-cooked chicken, half-boiled or half-fried eggs. Comply.

In the last one week, many tracts of waste have been found in Sanjay Lake and large number of crows have been found useless in various parks of the city. The Revenue Department has deployed volunteers from the city limits to test illegal cattle being offered outside and from canned and processed chicken.

The advice, launched Wednesday by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), Delhi, states that H5N8 is highly contagious for birds, although its consequences in people, along with avian influenza (AH5N8) virus infection, are very rare. .

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While issuing advisory, the Health Department has not appealed to people to take precaution and not panic. It states that it is best to keep away from looking sick and coming up with contaminated chicken. Avoid direct contact with bird feces. Bowls and their cages should be thoroughly washed with soap or detergent used to feed birds.

DGHS officials said that every waste from chicken retailers should be disposed of properly. People have been warned in the advisory not to see useless birds with their palms. If a bird is discovered to be useless, notify the management room by telephone number 23890318. It states that eat fully cooked eggs and poultry goods at 70 ° C for half an hour. Do not eat half cooked chicken or half boiled and half fried egg.

It states that do not preserve uncooked meat close to cooked meat. Wash palms continuously while touching uncooked chicken. Take care of personal hygiene and keep cleanliness within the environment.

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