“DeMar DeRozan is definitely not the 82nd best player”: DeJounte Murray slammed ESPN for the Spurs star’s pre-season rankings. sport

Mijante Murray demanded that ESPN give DeMar de Rogan some respect, as he dropped 38 points on Minnesota’s Wolves

Ever since he joined the league, Compton has always stepped forward and put a chip on his shoulder. ESPN’s pre-season Top 100 rankings have shown us that he is still underrated. The list features players such as Lonzo Ball (54), Christian Wood (55), and Kevin Love (64), who is higher than Demar (82.).

DeMar had a wonderful day against the Wolf Wolf as he scored 38 points, shooting over 55% from the field. In the subsequent match interview, Dejounte Murray expressed his displeasure with the media over DeMar’s ranking.

Demar was often criticized for his inability to dynamically change his game during his decade-long career. However, he has been able to prove critics wrong with frequent jaw-dropping performances.

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Should DeMar DeRozan be ranked higher?

DeMar DeRozan has quietly developed into a superstar and allows the numbers to talk instead. After developing a superb mid-range game he worked hard on improving his performance from behind the arc.

This enabled him to shoot 3 balls better than the league average for the first time in his career. Additionally, he has managed the arduous task of improving his player’s efficiency rating while continuously reducing his usage rate.

DeMar has played a key role in the success of his teammates and is a positive presence in the locker room. Their close relationship with Djounte Murray has allowed them to flourish as a pair. It is clear that they will always back each other both on and off the court.

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DeMar DeRozan should definitely be ranked higher and occupy a spot among the top 50 players in the league.

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