“Dennis Rodman May Be 6’9” In Heels “: When Michael Jordan roasted his Bulls teammates on live TV. The TMT

Dennis Rodman is known by the nickname ‘The Worm’ for one reason – he played way bigger than his height. Michael Jordan once made fun of it on TV.

During the 3rd season from 1995 to 1998, the Bulls legend teamed with Dennis Rodman. Rodman’s inside presence gave the Bulls a real edge as they went into the 3-peat once again.

Many fans argue that Dennis Rodman should have received the MVP trophy in the 1996 NBA Finals. He did an amazing job consisting of Sean Kemp and other gifted Sonics scorers.

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Michael Jordan joked about Dennis Rodman’s height on live TV

Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman have many wonderful memories with each other as Bulls teammates. We know of the time when Rodman was notorious for partying in Vegas between 1997–98. Jordan also loved making them publicly at the time, as he showed on the occasion:

“Dennis is the best reflector in the game. She is about 6’6 ″, maybe 220 pounds, that is her size. I mean, most people think he’s about 6’9 240, 240-245. When she’s wearing heels… don’t tell her I said, “Michael Jordan said when Leno and the public were laughing.

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MJ also gave a good insight into how he took rejection from his Varsity team for being cut:

“Everyone goes through despair. This is how you overcome those disappointments. And of course, I was disappointed as a high school kid not to make the Varsity team. I mean a status symbol, playing on the versity team. “

“I was growing so much at that time that my ability was not increasing with my height. So I was clumsy. I knew how to play the game, but I did not know how to play it at the highest level. “

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