“Dennis Schroder Bet I Couldn’t Hit That 3-Pointer”: LeBron James imitating 3 with a crazy look to Stephen Curry staring down the Lakers bench. sport

LeBron James felt himself in tonight’s game as he watched the Lakers bench and Dennis Schroder shooting 3 in a corner.

The Lakers ran as blowout winners in the second consecutive game against the Houston Rockets. They dominated their second-round playoff opponents by 2020 on either end of the floor. It was a sign of how good they were that the rockets did not come within touch distance after the initial exchange.

LeBron James has been an outstanding shooter from the range over the past 8 seasons. He has days when he can’t miss, and today’s first half on the Rockets certainly fits the bill. Raja shifted to the left corner and rolled a 3 while watching his teammates on the bench.

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The Lakers are now in rude health. With a 9–3 record, they topped the NBA standings. LeBron James has barely shed a sweat this season. He is enjoying himself more than ever in his 18-year career.

LeBron James reveals his bet with Dennis Schroder

James was very lucky in today’s presser. He responded by clearly stating the circumstances in which he had left the Lakers’ bench in an affair:

He said, “My partner hit me with a bet on the sideline. I made a bet while I was still shooting the ball. You know, a condition is not official until you see the man in the eye. So I had to look her in the eye and I could go in that.

James was asked a follow-up question with whom he made the condition. Pat’s answer came: “Dennis the Menace” – this is Dennis Schroder who was unannounced.

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LeBron James inadvertently got the Houston Rockets ready for life without James Harden. Harden admitted that his time in Houston was over and he did not believe he could win a title in H-Town.

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