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US Presidential Election 2020 – Does Your Vote Also Count?

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has Significant edge over republican US Presidential Election 2020 candidate, Donald Trump. However, promising double-digit lead sounds, it is never enough. Also, political experts are anything but excited at the prospect of Biden painting White House Blue. The Electoral College accepted the vote of thanks.

Experts are anything but excited at the prospect of Biden painting White House Blue. The Electoral College accepted the vote of thanks.

Remember that in 2016, Hillary Clinton got all the votes she needed to win, but still lost the race? This is because popular votes matter but the deciding factors are always the electoral votes that come into the picture later. You are not actually voting for Trump or Biden. You are voting for an election slate that has often played its part with reckless decisions. Biden’s dominant leadership over Donald Trump in national elections reveals. Even in eight swing states, Democrats have marked their margins above Republicans. The disparity in lead margins is no doubt higher – in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, 8 and 9 points ahead of former Vice President Potos, respectively. However, in Florida, the lead is only rounded to 3 points. On the other hand, another swing state, Ohio, has reposed its trust in Republicans.

When American citizens go and cast their vote, they technically do not cast their vote to either the Republican or Democrat presidential candidates. Rather, this indirect voting is to determine the slate of voters from each state who, after a lapse of a few days, meet in their state capital to cast a vote for the president. It states very clearly that even though most people cast their vote for Biden in an indirect election, there is a very large chance that an elected college elected may change the entire fortunes from the presidential race.

Even if Biden wins with a majority, there is a very large chance that an elected college elected can change the entire fate of the presidential race.

This is an important fact – a candidate who concludes Popular vote can still win Election. We do not have to go too far in history to set the best example of this situation. In 2016, the last US presidential election race – Hillary Clinton – won 3 million over Donald Trump in the popular vote, but still lost the election as Electoral College voted for Trump with 57 percent of its vote. number of Voters who supported The opposite candidates were 7 – 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans. This was the largest number of unfaithful electors in history. Another example of a president who won at the mercy of the Electoral College was George W. Bush in 2000, when Florida’s Recount made him President of the United States.

See: Hillary Clinton’s concession speech in 2016

Video courtesy: ABC News

Who are these electors and what do they actually do?

The people of the United States elect. All votes cast by November 3 will determine the electoral panel who will cast their vote to elect the President of the United States. In an ideal world, electoral members would only seal the choice of the people of their state and vote for the candidate they promised their support. However, these electors often break their vows and attract votes. The latest example of such undemocratic victory is unfortunately the Republican candidate for the US presidential election 2020. And without doubt, if Trump can do it once, he can do it again. remember Potus warns people Wouldn’t that be a transfer of power and only continuity?

There are a total of 538 voters who cast their votes to elect the Miracle President of America. These voters are members of Congress from every state. The number of electors from each state varies depending on the size of the state. This is what makes some states more powerful than others. California is the state with the largest electoral pool and elections are yet to be held. Swing states are another important deciding factor for popular votes. However, nothing works before the electoral strategy.

Swing states are important in deciding popular votes. But nothing works beyond the electoral strategy.

What comes as a little relief is 30 states and the District of Columbia Accordingly laws have been laid down according to which voters are obliged to vote for the candidate for whom they have pledged. There are some other states where voters can be canceled or changed if they change their vote. But this does not change the fact that there are still too many states that do not regulate their electoral slate and include many other states like Michigan and Wisconsin where Biden has a popular lead.

Whether or not voters should be allowed to change their vote after the first phase of the election is a matter of great debate, but one thing is certain, it is a contradiction to democracy. To make it to the White House after the US presidential election 2020, candidates need to secure 270 out of 538 voters.

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