Details of a white night in Tangiers, following the team’s qualification to the World Cup semi-finals – Day 24

The city of Tangiers lived, on Saturday, to the rhythm of the celebrations of the Moroccan national team’s victory over its Portuguese counterpart and its historic qualification for the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup 2022, where joy and pleasure spread hysterically in the various streets of the city after the population, young, men, women, children and the elderly, went out to the city’s squares to celebrate the historic victory.

Thousands of crowds gathered in Nations Square in the city center, chanting slogans such as “Sir..Sir” and the song “Hey Ho Mabrouk Aleena” and “Long live Morocco” and we sacrifice you, Rakraky, as the colors red and green, the two eternal symbols of the Kingdom of Morocco, covered the squares, streets and various spaces. In neighborhoods and residential complexes, flags and banners glorifying the national team and proud of the national sport, which once again proved its high heels, distinction and development, were raised.

The same picture was repeated in each of the “Al Faro” square, known as the Wall of the Crutches, and the “Tafilat” square in the popular neighborhood of Bani Makada, and in the April 9 Square, which was filled with cars, motorcycles, and bicycles that unleashed alarms, and the rest of the streets and alleys were filled with pedestrians of different ages who love football and immortal. To achieve the Moroccan national team.

These celebrations continued until late at night, as an expression of the great joy of the fans and residents of the city of Al-Bugaz, who have been encouraging the World Cup matches from the beginning in cafes, restaurants and outdoor spaces that have allocated giant screens on this occasion to follow the matches in an enthusiastic atmosphere, noting that the smallest cafe in the city was full of customers.

Despite the increase in the price of drinks and meals in luxury cafes and restaurants, this does not prevent hundreds of customers and residents from flocking to watch the World Cup matches in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

It should be noted that the celebrations of the residents of Al-Boughaz with the qualification of the national team to the semi-finals of the Qatar World Cup 2022 left a security alert in its various agencies, which secured these celebrations from its beginning to its end until three o’clock in the morning.

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