Diddy Has Officially Changed His Name changed his name to Sean Love Combs

Diddy has revealed his new legal name as he has changed it to Sean Love Combs, after he filled up in 2019 to change his name in October 2019, he finally can officially call himself as Sean Love Combs.

He has recently posted a picture of a new fresh license that he is showing off on social media platforms stating that it is official and saying “welcome to the love era”, the identification card that he has received in the mail includes his new name and his new signatures which means that from now on his middle name is going to be  “LOVE”.

At this point in time fans are least bothered about him changing his name as this has been a pattern in his career as he has done it quite a few times and no one gets his obsession about changing his name but if it makes him happy who is to question him anyway as the obsession isn’t harming him or anyone.

He has gone through several changes in his career when it comes to his name, he has gone through a handful of name changes starting with Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Brother Love, and Sean Combs and now it seems like that we will have to call the 51-year-old icon with the name “LOVE”.

It has been reported that he has been trying to have this name for over a year now as he filled up for the change in 2019 and can finally call himself with the new name officially as it has taken over a year to reflect his new name in the identity cards that he carries with himself.

This has been a celebratory moment for the artist as he has been phenomenal with his work in the short film TWO DISTANT STRANGERS and has come out on top by winning the Academy Award for the same and there have also been some speculations of him dating the ex-girlfriend of 50 Cent Daphne Joy, at this point, this is just a speculation as there has been no statement by the artist and the girl involved in the story.

The month has truly been a rollercoaster ride for the 51-year-old icon as he has finally changed his name after a year’s wait and has won the Academy Award and has also released some of his new work and the music is being loved by the fans all around the world. We hope that he does more wonders in his career and truly embraces his name and provides people with love and affection throughout his life.

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