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Dig is an upcoming film directed by Simon Stone. It is based on the famous novel of the same name by John Preston in 2007. The film depicts the discovery of the Sutton Hu burial site on Edith Pretty’s property.

Release date

Dig is set to release on 15 January 2021. Further, it will be released on Netflix on 29 January 2021.

cast members

Here is a list of all confirmed artists.

  • Carrie Mulligan as Edith Pretty
  • Lily james As peggy preston
  • Johnny Flynn as Stuart Pigot
  • Ralph Fennes as Basil Brown
  • Archie Barnes
  • Monica Dolan as May Brown
  • Ben chaplin
  • Ken stott


In September 2018, an announcement was made that the film’s stars would be Ralph Fennes and Nicole Kidman. But in August 2019, Nicole Kidman had no place in the main lead and was replaced by Carrie Mulligan. Later, the film’s rights were transferred from BBC Films to Netflix. Lily James entered the cast in September 2019. And further in October 2019, Ken Stott, Monica Dolan, Ben Chaplin and Johnny Flynn joined the cast.

Dig netflix movie

Principal photography began in Shackleford, Surrey, United Kingdom in October 2019, with filming taking place in Suffolk near the original search site.

Dug plot

The film is a 2007 adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Preston. The story revolves around a rich widow. The role is played by Mulligan as Edith. He hires an archaeologist at Basil to excavate burial molds. When Basil digs, a discovery comes from Tutankhamun in Britain. The details given officially are only like this. And the artifacts that have been discovered are in the British Museum.

The trailer

The Dig trailer is released on 3 December 2020. You can watch it on Digg’s Youtube official channel.

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