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Digital Swiss Gold (DSG) today announced the launch of the DSG mobile app on the Google Play Store. It provides a powerful tool for Indian consumers to easily and securely buy and hold physical gold in Switzerland. The DSG app will allow gold consumers:

1) Savings on every gold purchase compared to local prices;
2) own physical gold in Switzerland that is placed in fully insured vaults;
3) make transactions in a matter of minutes and make payments easily using mobile phones; And
4) Obtain gold authenticity, proof of ownership, independent verification and full certification of audit and recording of their ownership on the blockchain for additional security.

With the DSG app, Indian consumers will be able to save up to 10% on all their gold purchases. Consumers will be able to identify their savings before purchase by using our unique price comparison feature. All gold purchased through DSG is responsibly replenished by Swiss refineries and stored in physical gold bars in fully insured non-bank vaults in Switzerland provided by globally recognized companies. Immediately after purchase, the customer is provided with a serial number, refinery and vault location of their gold bar as well as a picture of the exact gold bar through the DSG app. The entire transaction is recorded on the blockchain for added security.

Getting started on the DSG app is simple. The customer verification process is quick and efficient, and most customers will be able to make their first purchase in less than 5 minutes. The DSG app is the only app in the world to have a full suite of features and security available through a digital warehouse receipt, including a certificate of authenticity and proof of ownership, which confirms the location of your gold bar vault, Independent verification Gold ownership and verification of entire transactions through leading blockchain technology.

Founder and CEO, Ashraf Rizvi stated, “Digital Swiss Gold democratizes the gold standard and makes gold accessible to all. Billions of individuals worldwide own physical gold, which has served as a storehouse of value for over 5,000 years. Unfortunately, the process of buying, selling and storing gold is very expensive, inconvenient and time consuming. Also, consumers find it difficult to protect, insure and verify the authenticity of their gold. The DSG app addresses all these issues and is cost effective, easy and safe to use. ”

Vivek Anand Oberoi, a member of the DSG Advisory Board and an Indian actor, said, “I am always looking for creative products and solutions that can help Indians achieve their long-term financial goals. After knowing the senior leadership and founders of DSG for many years, I am excited to be involved in a project that will be able to provide value to the local Indian population. “

Digital Swiss Gold is the trade name for DSG – Digital Swiss Gold (Jersey) Limited, registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission. To learn more about DSG and the world-class group of service providers, we have worked in areas such as refining, vault storage, payment processing and gold audits to ensure a safe, seamless and enjoyable experience for customers. www.DigitalSwissGold.com.

Link to Google Play Store for DSG App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsg.app

Please contact us for additional information or questions: [email protected]

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