Disney + Hotstar Bag Anish Kuruvilla’s Shadow Series is based on Madhu Babu’s novel – Binged

Tollywood’s Happening producer, Anil Sunkara of AK Entertainment, announced his digital debut with AK Original last year. He is making Shadow – the famous Telugu novel in a web series. The novel written by Madhu Babu had a fury in the 90s and is considered one of the most entertaining spy thrillers ever made in Tollywood.

The series will be directed by Aneesh Kuruvilla, director of Dharmapuri (GOD) and lead on the TheMiracleTech platform, Disney + hotstar. The God of Dharmapuri, many believe that the best web series so far has been in Telugu, so bringing in Anish Kuruvilla is a sensible choice. The makers are yet to announce the main lead for the web series. But a small bird in Filmnagar told us that Telugu hero Gopichand can play the lead role. But the development is yet to be completed.

The web series will be made on a large canvas and will also feature some prominent faces of Hindi cinema to make it exciting for audiences in other languages. The first season is likely to have ten episodes and the continuity will depend on the success of the early season, which we are told.

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