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Trump declared himself the winner because even counting is going on, and then the alleged Democrats were involved in the voting fraud. Here you should know about the President’s claim.

Donald TrumpDuring his tenure in the White House, he has earned the reputation of a chairman for unfounded claims. He was not averse to voting day because Trump called the vote a ‘fraud’ and said that they US Supreme Court To stop counting. Trump made these statements in the East Room of the White House on Wednesday morning, even after election day being counted as a vote.

The President did not stop here. She shamelessly Announced his victory Democrat on presidential candidate Joe Biden. Trump also announced that he had won the states of Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan, despite the ballot counting being released in those locations. No media outlet came up with the election results, no election official declared Trump the winner, and Biden was a leader in several states at the time of Trump’s statement.

Trump made baseless claims of voting fraud, with the count still continuing.

See: Trump’s full statement claiming election victory over Biden

Video courtesy: BBC News

Divide the divide

Trump’s allegations have come at a time when America is deeply divided over political leanings. Racial tensions have increased throughout the country and the coronovirus epidemic has gripped America. “This is a fraud on the American people. This is embarrassing for the United States. We were getting ready to win the presidential election. Frankly, we won this election, ”Trump said in the East Room. “Millions and millions of people have voted for us,” he said. “A very sad group of people is trying to separate that group of people.”

Trump said he wanted to go to the Supreme Court. “We want the law to be properly implemented. So i will go to the supreme court. We want all voting to stop. I don’t want them to search any ballot at 4 in the morning and add it to the list. ” Moments came after Trump’s speech His opponent, Biden, gave a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, where he said that every vote should be counted. “It’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to announce who won the presidential election,” Biden told the crowd in Wilmington.

Trump’s allegations have come at a time when America is deeply divided over political leanings.

Republican Vice President Mike Pence, who spoke shortly after Trump, tried to suppress the president’s comments. He said Trump was ‘on the path to victory’. Trump has denied himself several times, saying that votes should be counted in Arizona, a state where he was trailing at the time.

Broad criticism of Trump’s claim

Trump’s election day statement was criticized. Soon after his speech, some top Republicans, such as former New Jersey governor Chris Christie and former senator Rick Santorum, slammed the president. Media outlets cut the live telecast of Trump’s speech and called him for ‘untrue’ comments. Channels like CNN ran a fact-checking capsule to refute Trump’s statement. News anchors such as MSNBC’s Brian Williams, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie and CNN’s Jake Topper also criticized Trump for ‘misleading’ and ‘false’ statements.

Christie, a Republican and informal adviser to the president, said Trump’s statement is a ‘bad political decision’ and a ‘poor strategic decision’. Santorum, a Republican aide to Trump, said he was deeply distressed by what Trump had said. “Trump is as prone as we all know today to be bothered by how he is saying,” Santorum said declaring the victory was not wrong, but that Trump had to use the word ‘fraud’ during his speech Should not have been used.

Media outrage

NBC News and MSNBC cut Trump’s address, saying he was lying. Guthrie said, “We’ve been hearing Trump talking in the White House, but we’ve got to make the cut here because many of his statements are simply not clearly true. Williams told the audience that Trump’s speech was interrupted MSNBC was ‘reluctant’ to do so, but said the president’s remarks were ‘not based on facts.’ “Trump said that almost everything in the announcement of victory was not right,” Tupper said.

The media house cut fact-check tickers in real-time in Trump’s speech.

CBS News anchor Nora O’Donnell said Trump was guilty of ‘twisting the facts of the US presidential election results’. Trump spoke against a Supreme Court ruling allowing him to obtain a mail ballet in Pennsylvania. He claimed that such a decision would provoke violence and provoke violence. Trump has repeatedly said that votes received after Election Day should not be counted.

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