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Two and a half men in Walden and Zoey

Did Walden and his British girlfriend Zoë Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce make it to the end of ‘Two and a Half Men’?

Zoey was the Miracle woman Walden Loved after his ex-wife. After his divorce from Walden, Walden fell in love with him. Fans rooted for him and wanted him to tie the knot. Those who missed the final season want to know if the pair made it to the series finale.

Joey and Walden should have finished together in ‘Two and a Half Men’.


  • Who was Joe Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce on A Two and a Half Men?
  • When Zoy meets Walden in Two and a Half Men
  • What happened to Zoe and Walden in the end?
  • The reason behind the final plot of Zoey and Walden

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Who was Joe Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce on ‘A Two and a Half Men’?

Zoey was born and raised in England. She went to law school and met husband-Nigel Pearce in college. They were soon married and had a child, a daughter named Ava Pierce. Later, Joey and Nigel get divorced, For unknown reasons, and Zoë gains custody of Ava.

When Zoy meets Walden

Zoy first met Walden at the supermarket. Walden was immediately impressed by her and asked her out. She agreed, but their date was not good because Walden was only talking about his ex-wife, Bridget. Zoey was disappointed and told Walden that he was not on Bridget. He cannot be with her because of this.

In the Miracle episode, Walden invites Zoy to coffee again and assures him that he has walked on Bridget. To reassure her, she signed her final divorce papers before him. He also admitted his daughter Ava to a private school. Zoey was impressed and they soon ended their relationship on Walden’s private jet.

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What happened to Zoe and Walden in the end?

Walden tells Alan about his plan to propose Zoy in the first episode of season 10. He asked her to be his best man in marriage. Walden proposed to Zoey in a restaurant, sitting on her knees, “Would you give me the honor of becoming Zoey Hyde-Tottingham-Pierce-Schmidt?”

To which, he replied, tearsNo! Forgive me! I can not do that! “She ran out of the weeping restaurant. Walden was shocked. Singer in the restaurant singing “When a man loved a woman”“. Walden couldn’t bear it and snapped at her to stop. The romantic fireworks that Walden had made went into the background. Walden stood there, heartbroken.

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Walden later finds out that he has chosen someone else. He wrote “Like dick“And gave her daughter a destroyer dog despite her birthday.

Many were disappointed with ‘Two and a Half Men’ for ending the couple in this way.

But there was a reason why the series had to run the plot this way. Sophie Winkleman, who played Zoy, left the show due to wage issues and lack of plot, after her character was left with Walden.

Do you think they would have made a good pairing for Sophie Winkleman to remain on the show? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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