Donald King Net Worth: What Makes Him So Controversial?

The famous American-based boxing promoter, mostly known as Don King, was born in the year 1931. Donald King is his real name. He is best known for his work in historic boxing matchups. He has always been in controversies for various reasons. The dispute was blamed for Manasube, who was later pardoned. He has also been convicted for various other civil cases.

Don King is best known for The Rumble in the Jungle and Thrilla in Manila. In his career as a boxing promoter, King has raised names and put forward several potential boxers. Several boxers pleaded guilty to cheating him. But most of the cases seemed settled out of court. He won two Hall of Fame awards for his work in 1997 and 2008.

How did he establish his career?

Donald King made his foray into the world of boxing and enlisted the help of singer Lloyd Price to successfully take part in a charity exhibition due to a local hospital located in Cleveland. In his early days, he partnered with another local boxer promoter, named Don Elboom. Elbaum already possessed a stable clan of fighters in Cleveland and had years of experience in the sport of boxing. In 1974, Donald King successfully negotiated to pursue a heavyweight championship fight. The battle was to take place between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Zaire. This championship was popularly known as “The Rumble in the Jungle”. The fight between them was a very interesting incident.

King consolidated his position as a boxing promoter in 1977. This coincided with the third battle that took place between Ali and Joe Frazier in Manila. This king named “Thriela” in Manila. Throughout the decade he continued to promote various other quarrels. The fighters he promoted include Larry Holmes, Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez, Wilfredo Gómez, Salvador Sanchez and Alexis Argello. They all fought in the 1970s under a promotional banner called Don King Productions.

Which controversies followed them?

It seems like Donald King is quite a controversial personality. He was sued by several boxers, who he promoted under various convictions. The most common conviction is to chase money from these boxers. He looted almost all the money from his side. He is also part of two murder cases. The initial was an equitable murder. He shot and killed a man from behind, who had to steal into his gambling house.

The second case for which he spent three years and 11 months in prison was that he killed an employee by killing him. The employee also took some money from Raja. Eventually, he was pardoned in 1983.

Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Terry Norris and many such boxers filed suit against him for cheating him. They all claimed that Donald King mobilized their quarrel money. Many lawsuits were not even taken to court and resolved outside.

Total Assets of Donald King

This successful and well-known boxing promoter has a total of $ 150 million as the latest resources.

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