Donald Trump becomes first US President to face impeachment twice, House of Representatives stamped

The Democratic Party’s House of Representatives in the US late Wednesday confirmed the impeachment movement of outgoing US President Donald Trump. During the vote on Trump’s impeachment movement in the House of Representatives, 232 votes in the opposition (Democrats 222 + Miracle 10) and 197 votes. With the vote, Trump became the first president in American historical past to bring impeachment twice. This impeachment movement was presented to Trump in the Capitol violence case.

Fearful supporters accused of treason

The impeachment movement against Donald Trump was drafted by MPs Jamie Ruskin, David Cicillin and Ted Liu. It was co-sponsored by 211 members of the House of Representatives. The outgoing president was accused of inciting supporters to sedition.

Donald Trump’s chair was saved by the Senate in 2019

The House of Representatives pressured Ukraine in December 2019 to hand over the impeachment movement to Trump in a case to investigate alleged allegations of corruption against Joe Biden and his son. However, the Senate, which managed the Miracleans, acquitted him of expenses in February 2020.

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