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Do-I beauty Amala Paul has won a move in a defamation case against her alleged ex-boyfriend Bhavninder Singh. The Madra High Court ordered Amala’s ex-boyfriend Bhavninder Singh not to share Amala Paul’s personal photos on social media.

The court ordered Bhavninder to clarify his actions and adjourned it till 22 December. Amala Paul had earlier filed a defamation suit against Bhavninder Singh, alleging that he was later using his personal photos on social media to get her married.

Months ago, the photos shared by Bhavninder Singh were Amala Paul and myself, which went viral as wedding photos. Amala later clarified that it was a photoshoot for professional purposes.

Amala Paul married film director AL Vijay in 2014 and, for no reason, she filed for divorce in 2017. AL Vijay married again in 2019. Amala Paul posted secret messages on social media about a person in her life. Did not reveal his name. She was later seen to be close to Mumbai singer Bhavinder Singh, against whom she is now fighting a case.

Amala Paul thrilled us most recently with her Aurai and Ratasasan, while her remakes of Oudujivitham, Cadaver, and Lust Stories are undergoing filming.

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