Dota 2 patch notes 7.28c: here are the biggest changes and nerfs valves introduced in Dota 2 patch 7.28 game


Dota 2 Patch 7.28c Notes: Here are the biggest changes and nerfs valves introduced in Dota 2Patch 7.28. With the latest patch, many broken heroes have received D-buffers to make the game more balanced.

At the same time as DPC season 1 is about to end, Valve introduced patch 7.28c. This patch is meant to bring balance to the game. In the final patch, some heroes had 1 or 2 skills that could be exploited to make your enemies cry. Now with patch 7.28c, many of these heroes have been given nerfs to level the battlefield.

This can have a major impact on teams that are currently battling to reach the upper division or qualify for majors. Patch 7.28c has only 14 changes, and out of them, only a few are very rigorous and relevant.

An example of this is a change in morphing. His final form, which allows him to shape up as a hero, for which he plays an important role. Colddown has been relaunched and the cast category has been reduced. Below, you can examine the main changes that have been introduced with patch 7.28c.

Dota 2 patch 7.28c major changes

You can see the full patch notes by checking the tweet below. However, to simplify this, we have prepared a list of the major changes that patch 7.28c has introduced.

Batrider: The last patch was dominated by the Batrider, especially with the change of viscous napalm, so the valve closed it to do 50% less damage to all the creeps.

The Economist: In the DPC, we saw how the Earth was driven mad by enemies, with Agnihim’s Tej, when Earth made a replica of the form. Now, the Fisher Shark aftershock replica now persists for half the period.

Both the puck and the outerworld destroyer have been closed. Some of his spells have been reused. The cost of micro-imprisonment ranges from 120 to 150, and the OD’s armor and movement speed have decreased. The base damage and waning rift damage of the puck has also decreased.

Reiki: Riki is one of the strongest carries of this patch, so it was quite clear that she would be a hit with a nerf. Now, buying the scepter of Aghanim does not increase the duration of the trade.

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