Download AOS TV APK for free latest version [Direct Link] Ipl 2020 live

Whether we watch TV for entertainment or for information, we always get frustrated with annoying advertisements. At the same time, watching our favorite sports matches when the main scenes are coming up. Advertising pops up and ruins the entire mood. Therefore another option is to go for online platforms. But not all online streaming platforms provide the latest news, movies, shows and sports. To enjoy online games, entertainment and information, you will need to download separate applications for each task. But for the majority of online media users, the AOS TV APK has solved the major problem.

AOS TV is a wide variety of content producers; In this application, you can watch TV shows and stream the latest music. Well, if you constantly search for new content on the Internet, then AOS TV APK is an excellent choice for you to choose from. This application will meet your needs, from entertainment to listening to music; You can enjoy everything here. So AOS TV supports more than 1000 channels for worldwide viewing, but this does not mean that Indians will not like the content. However, the content and media in this application is specially designed according to the Indian population. So that Indians can enjoy it to the fullest. However, viewers of different countries can also enjoy AOS TV.

Another exciting thing about AOS TV APK is that it supports multiple platforms. You can view the contents of this application in your Amazon FireStick, Smart TV, Android phone, Airtel Smart Box. It does not matter which device you are using. You can enjoy AOS TV on any device. So readers, in this article, we are going to tell you how you can download and enjoy the AOS TV APK on your Android smartphone and PC.

AOS TV App Specification

Compatible with5.0
Latest versionv19.0.0
The developerAOS TV Team
Shape13 MB

Features of AOS TV APK

AOS TV is fully developed by AOS TV TEAM. Primarily, the focus of this application is to make entertainment, sports, news a place, but later a music feature is also added for the users.

Variety of shows

As we mentioned above, AOS TV APK has 1000+ different channels around the world. So there are most of the shows that you can find which you like to watch on your television. Apart from your regular TV shows, you can show interest in different shows and shows that have never been shown on your television. We are always searching for new content on television for the latest movies and show releases. Although, we look for new releases on the Internet as well, but ultimately, we get tired of searching, and in the end, we have to watch those old boring shows over and over again. But with AOS TV APK, it is reassuring that you can always find exciting and new content anytime.

It is a newly released OTT platform, so users are relatively few compared to other streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc. but the count of show and movie content in this application is close to these streaming giants. Overall, if you are looking for a television option, this is a great option for you to choose from.

Easy to find content

When an application provides such large content in one place, it becomes challenging for developers to manage the application’s data effectively. But with the AOS TV app, developers have taken special care to maintain all those TV shows, songs, movies accordingly. Different categories are created, and content-wise, each music, drama, film is distributed in other types. You can watch the show according to your mood. Users can choose from sports, thriller, action, comedy, drama, fantasy, children, and many more genres. With each new category, a user watches a new show.

Supports multiple platforms

It is primarily an Android application but to give its users a very engaging experience. The AOS TV team has developed this application for various platforms such as Amazon firestick, Android smart TV, Smartbox, etc., so it is very convenient for the user to log in with the same account and continue to watch interrupted shows on different devices. it happens.

Friendly UI

Any application needs a friendly user interface. Without an excellent interface, a user will not be able to fully enjoy the application. In view of this fact, the AOS TV APK is designed with a friendly user interface. Users can search for shows without any hassle, skip shows intermittently, watch recommended shows, etc. You will experience many features while using this app.

High quality video

Many applications do not provide high-quality HD content. With AOS TV APK, you can watch almost every video available on the app in its highest quality. Users who have a stable Internet connection can watch videos in 2k resolution. And for those who want to watch the show at their lowest possible rate, you can watch the show in 360p.

How to download AOS TV APK in your device?

METHOD 1: AOS TV APK in Android Device

Follow the guide given below to install AOS TV APK in your Android device: –

  • First of all you need to download AOS TV APK to your Android device
  • Now install AOS TV APK by allowing unknown source in your device
  • Now open the app and complete the final setup
  • You have successfully installed AOS TV APK in your Android device.
  • done


Follow the guide given below to install AOS TV APK in your PC

  • First download and install Bluestack Android emulator in your PC
  • Now go to the above link and download AOS TV APK
  • You will redirect to us Telegram channel From there you can download AOS TV APK
  • When complete download, click on AOS TV APK.
  • Now install AOS TV APK in your PC using Bluestack emulator
  • When successfully installed, open the AOS TV app
  • Now enjoy various TV channels and live streams of cricket matches
  • That is, you have successfully installed AOS TV APK in your PC.
  • done

AOS TV APK Download Latest Version

Click here to download AOS TV apk latest version free for android


Q. Does it trust AOS TV APK?

answer: Yes, this AOS TV APK is a reliable app, there is no problem to install AOS TV APK on your device.

Q. Will I be able to watch IPL 2020 live stream?

answer: Yes you can watch live stream of IPL 2020 using AOS TV APK

Q. Does it contain any type of bug or virus?

answer: No, not at all, it does not contain any type of virus and if found, bugs are fixed on regular updates.

Q. Does it include advertisements?

answer: If you use the original AOS TV Apk then it contains advertisements but if you download the revised version of AOS TV Apk there will be no advertisement in it.

Q. Is AOS TV APK free to use?

answer: Yes, AOS TV APK is free to use, there is no need to pay any money to use this APK.

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