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Director Bugs Bhargava Krishna has court proceedings in the strict sense of the word nail polish. Written by Krishna himself, Nail Polish is about a popular social activist, Veer Singh (Manav Kaul), who is suspected of raping and killing two poor migrant children and killing dozens of others. The case is run by Amit Kumar (Anand Tiwari), while Singh’s lawyer Sid Jaisingh (Arjun Rampal) is a rich man. The case is being heard by Judge Bhushan (Rajit Kapoor).

Krishna is a well-known face as an advertising professional and actor. For him, the “two and a half kilo” style of Bollywood dialogue is not in the box. In Naglek, he prescribes thunderbolt and lightning, trumpet and drum roll with a determination to deliver a well-understood, effectively restrained film.

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The twist in this unusual story is dramatic but presented without melodrama. No further information can be given as the element of surprise is important here. You will understand from the trailer that the film is about human psychology – “Mind commits crime, body takes blame” are the opening words of the voiceover. It can also be said: Aspects of sexual assault with nail polish are rarely discussed in Hindi cinema or Indian society. It is both Bollywood’s top-down fashion, with the case’s unsolicited, clinical, systematic and factual record, revealing only the judges’ backgrounds for Veer Singh and providing a backstory with details.

Only once does the film break from its purpose with an unnecessary short song in the story to convey the romance of a man-woman in a formal, fleeting manner. Since the male of the equation has already been worked out, the figure serves the same purpose here, which he uses in most Indian films, in support of it: in almost all the male worlds, it is a beautiful female facial. Is like Relief without investing in character portrayal of woman (Samreen Kaur).

The woman under consideration is important to the plot, but is sparsely written – the story continues, from beginning to end, and about men, even when it is the drunken wife of the judge (Madhu Shah) and the officer of justice When it comes to family,

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nail polish

Despite that polish, nail polish is remarkable and interesting. The performances of all the actors fit well with the medium and the unmistakable style of the film. Krishna has clearly not forgotten that Rampal is a huge fan, and with this in mind, he gives the model actor a cute shot wrapped in a white towel, but to keep the shot short, meditate Give

Manav Kaul is very finely singing characters for a role that may fall short in a certain type of Bollywood cliche, but which he does not have. The director is also entitled to kudos for not demanding a conservative routine from the actor – to explain that they are spoilers.

Nail polish does not elaborate on sexual assault, but acceptance of the field of violence usually left behind by Hindi cinema is important. It does not include a dissertation on mental health, but the way many Hindi films have misinformed audiences in the past is an important objective.

Most nail polish incidents occur in Uttar Pradesh – I lacked local flavor in the story, although the use of context for state politics is amusing. And after treating the viewer’s intelligence with all due respect, it could have been without even the final shot of Veer Singh’s face, which tries to suggest the audience read about the situation. Overall, Nail Polish is a cleverly handled, intriguing, well-acted psychological thriller that comes as a pleasant surprise.

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